Updated 12 April 2018

Re-downloading PlayStation Plus content

This article explains limits to downloading PlayStation Plus content.


In most cases you can re-download your PlayStation Plus content from your Download List. Please click here for download instructions.

However, here are some situations where you will not be able to re-download PlayStation Plus content:

Your PlayStation Plus subscription has been cancelled.

You will not have access to your Monthly Plus Games content until you re-subscribe. You will still be able to re-download content on your Download List that you purchased with PlayStation Plus discount from PlayStation Store.

Content you have previously added to Download List or downloaded that is no longer in Monthly Plus Games.

When content is removed from Monthly Plus Games, but you added it to your Download List before it was removed from Monthly Plus Games the content will be available for you to download.

If you did not add a title to your Download List before it was removed from Monthly Plus Games you will need to pay for the content if you want to download it.

Full game trials can only be downloaded once.

If you accidentally delete a full game trial, you will need to purchase the full game to continue playing. Some demos and beta trials may be re-downloadable – this will vary according to title and your region.

If you are having difficulty with downloading your content for another reason, please check our Problems with PlayStation Plus FAQ for a solution.