Updated 6 October 2017

How to deactivate an Xperia device

Find out how to deactivate your Xperia device from your SEN account.


This is useful in case you want to activate a new device, but you have reached the activation limit for the type of device.

You can only deactivate your mobile device on the device itself.

You cannot deactivate it using a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PS TV, PSP or on a PC/Mac connected to the internet.

To deactivate your Xperia smartphone or Sony tablet for PlayStation Video

  1. Launch the PlayStation Video app.
  2. Go to [Options] > [Settings] > [Device Activation].
  3. Select [Deactivate].

How do I deactivate my Xperia if I do not have access to it?

You cannot deactivate your Xperia if you do not have access to it. Contact us to find out if we can deactivate it for you.