Updated 18 April 2017

How to use a PlayStation Vita to change a sub account password

This article explains how a sub account holder can change their password on PS Vita system.


Sub account holders cannot change their password if it has been forgotten; the master account can use the PS Vita to change the sub account password.

If you have a sub account and you know your password, follow these steps to change it:

  1. On your PS Vita system’s home screen, tap [Settings] > [Start] > [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] and enter your password.
  2. Choose the new password and select [Confirm].
  3. You can now sign-in to your account using your new password.

Having problems changing your Password?

  • This may be because you have lost internet connection or because PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance. Check your internet connection and check for maintenance.
  • If you receive an email notifying you that the sub account password has changed, check with the associated account holder and contact us if neither of you changed the password.

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