How to close a SEN account

This article tells you what happens when an account is closed and how to close it.


If you would like to upgrade your sub account to a master account because you are now 18, see the information here. 

How do I close my master account?

Email us to request the account closure in writing from the email address you use as your Sign-in ID. 

If we cannot provide email support in your country, please phone us for assistance.

What if I cannot send an email from my sign-in ID email address?

If you know your SEN account password

Change your Sign-in ID to an accessible email address and follow the instructions above. Find out how to change your Sign-in ID here.

If you do not know your SEN account password 

You cannot close your account without valid sign-in information. Please contact us and provide your online ID and sign-in ID for further assistance.

How do I close a sub account?

Ask the person who holds the associated master account to email us following the instructions above to request account closure. The email must include the sub account sign-in ID and state whether they want the master account to stay open.

We will place a ban on the sub account so that it can no longer be used and change the sign-in ID so the sub account holder will not receive any further communication from Sony Entertainment Network. We cannot remove the record of the sub account from the master account, so it will still appear under ‘Sub accounts’ in Account Management, but it will be inactive.

What happens when you close my account?

We will place a ban on the account so that it can no longer be used and change the Sign-in ID so you will not receive any further communication from Sony Entertainment Network.

Once your master account is closed, you will no longer have access to your account or any associated sub accounts. This means the following for your master account and all your associated sub accounts:

  1. You will not have access to your downloaded content or your download list and they will not become available to you again if you open a new account.
  2. Remaining wallet funds cannot be returned to you in line with SEN Terms of Service.
  3. If you create a new account you cannot use the same online ID.

If you would like to cancel a subscription, but keep your account open, click here to find out how.

Can I close my account from one of my PlayStation systems?

You cannot delete your SEN account yourself - we ask you to contact us instead. This is because we cannot retrieve accounts once they have been deleted and we do not want any users to lose their purchases and account settings by accidentally deleting their account.


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