Updated 2 March 2017

PS4: How to download or stream PlayStation Store content

How to get your PlayStation Store purchases onto your PS4.


How to download from the PS4 Library

  1. Select your local user account and go to [Library].
  2. Select the game or add-on you want to download (add-ons are in a ‘folder’ with the main title).
  3. Select ‘Download’ on the content screen.

You can check the progress of your downloads in [Notifications] > [Downloads].

Play as You Download is available on selected games. This means that you can choose which part of the game you want to download first and start playing before the download is complete.

Remote download to PS4

When you purchase a game, you can remotely start the download to your PS4 from a web browser if your PS4 has Automatic Update switched on.

  1. On the ‘Thank You’ page or your Download List on PlayStation Store, select ‘Download to your PS4’ next to the title you want to download.
  2. If Play as you Download is available, select which part of the game you want to play first.
  3. Your game will begin downloading automatically. If automatic update is not switched on it will begin downloading when you next turn your PS4 on.

Where to find your PlayStation Store purchases

Your most recently downloaded full games are added to the content launcher. If your purchase is not visible on the content launcher, you can find it in your [Library]. Your Library is arranged with all content grouped together, so if you have purchased DLC, go to the main title to find it.