Updated 1 March 2017

How to download PlayStation Store content to your PlayStation Vita

This article tells you how to download content you have purchased from PlayStation Store to your PS Vita.


Where will I find my purchases?

Your content is added to your notification indicator on the top right corner of the home screen. Notifications are arranged in date order, with the newest first, so recent purchases will be near the top of the list.

To queue game content remotely:

  1. You can remotely queue game content on PlayStation Store via web browser so that it automatically begins to download when you next use your PS Vita provided these conditions are in place:
  • There is a memory card in the PS Vita with enough space for the game.
  • The PS Vita is connected to Wi-Fi as some games are too large to download over the mobile data network.
  • Automatic update is switched on.
  • Your PS Vita is in stand-by mode.
  1. On the ‘Thank You’ page or your Download List, select ‘Download to your PS Vita’ next to the title you want to queue.
  2. The content will begin downloading automatically when you next switch on your PS Vita.
  3. Once it has downloaded the game will be available on the home screen

To start the download yourself:

  1. Go to [PlayStation Store] > [Options] > [Download List].
  2. Tap the content you want to download to start it.
  3. The item will be downloaded. Tap the notifications button in the top right corner on the home screen to display download progress.
  4. Any Games you have downloaded will be installed on the home screen.