Updated 7 April 2017

Content is not shown in PlayStation 4 Library

This article explains why content may not be visible in your library and how to resolve the issue.

  1. A subscription or season pass has been purchased

Not all purchased game content needs to be downloaded because it will work immediately. For example season passes and subscriptions are active straight away and will appear in your Services List and will be added to your account without any further action required.

You can check your subscriptions and season passes by going to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] > [Services List] and press (X button) to show all service entitlements.

  1. The transaction was not completed

Check that the purchase is showing in your transaction list. Click here to find out how to view your transactions. If the content is visible on your transaction list, find it in PlayStation Store and re-download it. However, if you are asked for payment and you have already paid, contact us before downloading the content.

  1. If these steps do not explain or fix the problem.