Updated 24 February 2020

A game is on the Download List, but cannot be downloaded to PlayStation 3

This article explains what might stop you from downloading content that appears in your download list and how to fix the issue.

  1. Some game data exists from either previous installation or interrupted download which stops the game from downloading

Delete any existing game data:

  1. Go to  [Game] > [Game Data Utility].
  2. Highlight the files of the game you want to download and press (Triangle button).
  3. Highlight [Delete] and press (X button).
  4. Start the download again from [Download List].
  1. Some games need the Full Game Trial to be downloaded first

Go to PlayStation Store, search for the game and download the trial version. When the trial download is complete download the full game.

  1. You may have reached you internet service provider’s download limit

You might have a limit on the amount of content you can download. This might be the download limit included in your broadband agreement or it might be your ISP’s fair usage policy. Check with your ISP for details.

  1. Try downloading remotely from PlayStation Store

You can either do this either by signing in via web browser or by going to PlayStation Store through PlayStation App.