Updated 22 November 2018

Battlefield V support on PlayStation 4

Find out about the different versions of Battlefield V, the release date and age rating of the game, and how to resolve technical issues.

Inspired by the lost pages of history, Battlefield V immerses you in WW2 action – from paratrooper assaults to tank warfare – in battles that were pivotal, though sometimes forgotten, in the early days of the war.

  PlayStation Plus required for online play

Release date: 20/11/2018

What versions of Battlefield V are available?

Battlefield V is available in two editions when buying from PlayStation Store: Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition.

Please note that DLC content is locked to the PlayStation Store of an account, meaning your disc region
must match your PlayStation Store region to access DLC. Learn more:

How do I clear storage space to install Battlefield V?

When downloading Battlefield V from PS Store, or a patch for the disc version of the game, it may be necessary to clear some space on your PS4 system storage. If you would like to increase your storage capacity, you can use an external HDD or upgrade the internal storage of your PS4 system.


Do I need to download an update to play Battlefield V?

If you are having issues starting Battlefield V, you may need to download an update. To check for an update, follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the game in the content launcher and press the Options button.
  2. Select [Check for Update].

If an update is needed, you can check on the download progress in [Notifications].


How do I resolve Battlefield V technical issues?

If you are having issues with your Battlefield V account, please visit the EA support website for in-depth guides and forum support.

If you are having an issue with PS Store, for example DLC content not appearing, please check the region guide below.


How can I improve my Battlefield V connection?

If you are having issues connecting to Battlefield V, first check the status of PSN services. If the services are green, visit the Fix and Connect guide for further information. There are also tailored network guides from the publishers, EA.


How can I remotely download my order of Battlefield V?

If you would like to have your order of Battlefield V download automatically, you will need to adjust your power save settings to [Stay Connected to the Internet] and leave your PS4 system in rest mode. With these settings applied, you can visit your download list (drop-down next to avatar) via the web store or PS App and select [Download to your PS4].

What is the Battlefield V age rating?

Battlefield V is rated Pegi 16 — suitable for players over the age of 16 due to scenes of violence. Learn more about age settings and parental controls: