Updated 23 September 2015

The PlayStation Vita system cannot obtain location data or the data is incorrect (3G)

This article explains what to do, if you are experiencing problems when trying to obtain location data on your PlayStation Vita (3G/Wi-Fi model).


Turn on all connection methods

The 3G/Wi-Fi model obtains location data based on data from detected Wi-Fi access points, GPS satellites, and mobile phone base stations (3G).

Since the conditions required to obtain location data differ for each method according to the environment, it is generally recommended that you enable all three methods to obtain more accurate information.  The likelihood of obtaining location data increases if the PlayStation Vita system can connect using all three methods (Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3G.)

  • Turn on mobile network communication (3G). Check the contract conditions to make sure the contract has not expired.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • No GPS settings are required. (An environment is required where signals are easy to receive such as an open-air location outside a building where interference will be minimal.)




Make sure you are in an environment where GPS signals can be received

Check this in an environment where signals are easy to receive such as an open-air location outside a building where interference will be minimal.

When you first obtain location information, it may take several minutes.

  • Depending on the application, you may have to perform operations for updating location data several times. 
  • Once location data is obtained, it is easier to obtain location data thereafter. 
  • GPS information is saved in common regardless of the application that is executed. 

Since the GPS satellite calculates where you are based on the PlayStation Vita system time (clock), the GPS location data may not be able to be obtained if the time has not been set properly.

The GPS feature is not off even if you turn off mobile network communication.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet within the Wi-Fi location service area

To obtain location data using Wi-Fi information, an Internet connection is required in the Wi-Fi location service area. (If you are in the location service area, you can connect to the Internet by using either Wi-Fi or 3G.)


In the "Address lookup" field, try to enter a post code from the region in which you want to obtain location information.

You cannot obtain location data outside of the service area.

For Wi-Fi positioning in location data information, the PlayStation Vita system uses Skyhook's method of obtaining location data when the place for which you want to obtain location information is outside of the service area.

Skyhook's Wi-Fi location service enables a location to be obtained by linking "access points" and "access point locations," which are registered in Skyhook's database. Any access point for which the MAC address is known such as one for an individual residence can be registered in the database.  For more information about how access points are registered, see the Skyhook website.