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Become the star of the show on PlayStation 3.

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  • Publisher: SCEE
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    • Take part in five unique reality TV shows and prove that you are the biggest star on the box.
    • Use the PlayStation Eye camera to add your face to your on-screen contestant.
    • Take part in multiplayer challenges with friends and family.
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    When will I, will I be famous?

    TV Superstars lets you live the celebrity lifestyle as you participate in various game shows to prove you have what it takes to become an A-list star. Get your face on the TV, quite literally, using the PlayStation Eye camera to take your picture and create your personalised contestant. To make sure you've got a face for every occasion, you'll need to pose with a smile and then a frown to reflect your performances in front of your fans.

    You start your celebrity life in the Green Room, where you can choose which show to take part in, edit your character or check your ranking in TV Superstars magazine. Don't forget to give your character a catchphrase too - the signature trait of any high-flying celebrity.

    Get a taste for stardom as you enter the various studios, each one equipped with all the wacky ingredients needed to become a prime time wonder. Each programme is hosted by a larger than life presenter, from Frockstar's host Randy Darling to Let's Get Physical's Spike Powers, and each is ready to help you become a star.

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    Your rise to fame

    Do you shout at your TV when a game show contestant doesn't reach the finish line, or question the decisions made during home improvement shows? If so, this is the game for you. TV Superstars puts you in the spotlight in a range of reality TV shows where you can go from Z-list nobody to A-list superstar.

    To raise your celebrity status you'll have to take part in different game shows and earn Fame Points. There are four different shows to star in, each divided up into a series of episodes where you can earn points, unlock more episodes and become increasingly famous by the minute.

    Each game show challenges you to different tasks on your journey to stardom. Cook up a storm with Big Chilli D in Big Beat Kitchen, prepare yourself for the catwalk in Frockstar, give your pad a makeover in DIY Raw and throw yourself into some crazy action games in Let's Get Physical.

    Track your fame in the pages of the TV Superstars magazine - the publication that everyone wants to be a part of. As you climb the celebrity ladder, you'll also be offered parts on TV adverts, posters and billboards by your very own agent from the Super Television Acting Agency: Vivian Katzenburg.                                                  

    Each TV show has its own unique set of actions using PlayStation Move motion controller, so follow the on-screen instructions and let your host guide you on the path to fame.

    Move into the spotlight

    TV Superstars is a title that fully utilises the various capabilities of the PlayStation Move motion controller. It can be an in-game utensil to help you cut, stir and pour ingredients in the Big Beat Kitchen or used to control your character's actions and movements in fast-paced action games in Let's Get Physical.

    Use your PlayStation Move motion controller in Frockstar to carefully apply make-up to your character to ensure they look their best, then take to the catwalk and follow their moves as they strut their stuff in front of a huge crowd. Mimic the actions and timings with your PlayStation Move to score more Fame Points and grace even more pages in TV Superstars magazine.

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    Celebrity competition

    If you want some company on your journey up the celebrity ladder, you don't have to go it alone. Up to four contestants can participate in the televised world of TV Superstars, playing cooperatively as a team or competing against each other. 

    If you want a fame-hungry friend to join your team, simply select a player using the Move button on the PlayStation Move motion controller and pop them on your sofa in the Green Room. You'll have to work together to score Fame Points and see how many column inches you can gain when you play as a team.

    In it to win it? Go head-to-head with your competitors and prove that you have what it takes to be a full-time celebrity. Give your celebrity mansion a glamorous makeover with Jenny Ratchet, get some top style tips from Randy Darling, tone your body with a workout from Spike Powers and eat like a king with cooking lessons from Big Chilli D.


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