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Engage in explosive 5v5 FPS action, featuring a huge roster of specialized operators, each with game-changing gadgets to help lead you to victory. 

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege

  • PS4
PlayStation Plus required for online play
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

    Game overview

    Choose from dozens of specialist operators and engage in high-tension, close-quarters shootouts

    Enter the highly specialised world of tactical armed response in an ever-expanding, multiplayer-focused FPS from developer Ubisoft Montreal. 

    Building on the success of their long-running tactical shooter series, Rainbow Six Siege radically advances the combat dynamics with hugely destructible environments and an ever-growing roster of Operators from across the globe, each with unique weapons, gadgets and abilities. 

    Test your nerve across three distinct game modes and more than 20 large-scale maps, each themed after different locations, countries and scenarios, refining your playstyle with your favourite Operators and unlocking new cosmetics to make them your own.


    Seasonal updates

    Throughout the year, Ubisoft Montreal publishes huge new updates called 'Operations' which not only refine online play, but also add brand-new maps, free for all players to enjoy, and new Operators to unlock in-game.


    Operation Ember Rise introduces two brand-new Operators, one Attacker and one Defender.

    Armed with G8A1 and Supernova primaries, Peruvian-born Amaru is an agile Attacker who uses her Garra Launcher to access rapellable entry points - such as windows, ledges and balconies - at a distance or, while indoors, to make a swift escape through skylights and rooftop hatches.

    A veteran of the Fuerzas Especiales, Goyo is armed with Vector.45 ACP or TSCG12 primaries and specialises primarily in area denial. Deploying his high-endurance folding Volcan Shield provides both directional shielding from oncoming fire and tactical detonation options for area control.

    In addition to the new Rainbow recruits, you can now explore the reworked map of Kanal, which has seen significant changes to open it up and diversify gameplay.


    Meet this season's new additions

    New Operators


    Azucena Rocio 'Amaru' Quispe has a strong grip on her own motivations and a unerring ability to adapt to life's curve balls.

    A deep sense of family and a love for the country of her birth have kept her grounded over the years alongside her close friendship with fellow operative Goyo.

    Her unique Garra Launcher gadget offers her a flexibilty and agility that set her apart in Team Rainbow, while her specialist understanding of South America's ongoing unrest makes her an invaluable asset in the global fight against armed insurgency. 

    Amaru is joining the Attacking team in Operation Ember Rise. 


    With keen tactical sense and exceptional forward-thinking Cesar Ruiz 'Goyo' Hernandez is a formidble defense specialist boasting an illustrious military career.

    Having resisted the lure of gang-life in inner-city Mexico, Goyo began his career in the navy working extensively in high-profile anti-smuggling operations against South American cartels, later building on this in collaboration with UNESCO and INTERPOL.

    His signature deployable gadget, the Volcan Shield, is built for tactical area denial, boasting directional shielding from incoming gunfire and an intergrated explosive core for localised blast damage.

    Goyo joins the Defending team in Operation Ember Rise. 


    Main modes

    Take on the world with intense 5-v-5 tactical online multiplayer, join forces to bring down enemy combatants in PvE or hone your skills in offline situational exercises.


    Undergo intensive training in tactical live-fire exercises and earn Renown for demonstrating your skills under pressure. 

    Competitive multiplayer

    Rescue hostages, secure key locations or defuse dangerous explosives across a range of maps in tense 5-v-5 stand-offs between Red and Blue team.

    Terrorist Hunt

    Party up with friends for co-operative P-v-E missions where you'll need to disarm bombs, neutralise enemy combatants or protect key assets across a range of maps. 


    Choose your Operator

    Pick from an ever expanding roster of over 40 specialist Operators representing the finest real-world tactical response units from around the globe. Each comes with a unique load-out of skills and weapons, as well as a range of outfits to customise their look.

    The team at Ubisoft Montreal add new Operators each season, with fresh new gadgets and gameplay twists to mix up the multiplayer showdowns. Unlock these through in-game progress or with R6 Credits purchased directly from PlayStation Store.


    Mission reconnaissance…

    Videos and screenshots

    R6 Credits

    Expand your operation

    Grab a bundle of R6 Credits and purchase the latest seasonal Operators, pick out new uniforms, weapon skins, charms and much more in Rainbow Six Siege's in-game store. 


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