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Everything is the enemy and only the strongest will survive.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: JAPAN Studio / PlayStation C.A.M.P! and Crispy's!
    Tokyo Jungle Featured Image
    • Prowl the streets of Tokyo as hunter or prey as animals take over the planet.
    • Hunt prey, feast on plants or do whatever it takes to stay alive as you complete challenges and fight your way to the top of the food chain.
    • Compare your progress against other players around the world with the online ranking leaderboards.

    It’s a jungle out there

    Mankind is extinct. Tokyo's neon glow and bustle of shoppers have been replaced by a windswept wasteland of empty streets and crashed vehicles. And the only feet to prowl the pavement are those of vicious wild animals looking to survive by any means possible.

    From dogs and deer to cheetahs and chimpanzees, TOKYO JUNGLE has an incredible variety of animals that would make any zookeeper envious - and they've all been crafted with a wonderful attention to detail. Fur ruffles in the wind, dogs howl in triumph and Tokyo itself has a convincingly grey and barren feel.

    Whether you encounter chicks, crocs or even the odd dinosaur, you'll be impressed by how authentic each of the 80 types of animal look and sound. With danger lurking around every corner, how you use your senses is vital in this scrap for survival. Deciding how to react quickly to the telltale cry of a particular creature can mean the difference between life and death.

    The screen turns a toxic tint of purple if you're in a polluted area or a startling shade of red the closer your creature comes to death. It all adds up to create a powerful atmosphere where danger is ever present and each moment could be your last.

    Wild things

    Humanity's time is over and the animals rule the Earth. TOKYO JUNGLE on PlayStation 3 puts you in control of a variety of creatures such as beagles and lions, all looking to survive in this wild frontier where tooth, claw and cunning rule the roost. In an excellent tutorial, you learn the basics of fighting, stalking prey, hiding from predators, securing territory and mating to ensure your lineage lives on.

    These tasks have a layer of depth which makes TOKYO JUNGLE both engaging and enjoyable. Battles aren't just a matter of hammering the buttons on your wireless controller - only well timed strikes can earn you quick, clean kills. Startle or only wound your prey and you can swiftly find yourself fighting against a pack rather than just one frightened animal. Strategy is the key to winning any battle, whether it's timing a counter-attack or knowing when to run.

    Likewise, if you want to outlast the basic 15-year lifespan of your animal, securing territory and finding a suitable mate is a must. A poor choice could result in your animal developing fleas, while other candidates require you to reach a certain rank before they'll follow you.

    To stay alive, make sure you pick your fights and mates carefully. And don't eat every bit of food you come across - save something that you can come back to during a lean spell or if you're exploring new territory and need to backtrack. Make good use of the gift boxes littered on the streets as they contain food, handy items and useful costumes which can enhance your abilities, making your animal tougher and more durable.

    Original and entertaining, TOKYO JUNGLE is an unforgettable PS3 game. Everything is the enemy and survival at any cost is the only rule that you need obey.

    The animals went in two by two...

    You don't have to roam the streets of TOKYO JUNGLE alone. Grab a friend and take to the wilderness in Survival mode, knowing that your chances of staying alive and achieving your mission objectives are increased with a pal by your side. Stay close to each other - especially in the ominous, isolating darkness of night - and plan to create a pack or herd. Building a group of animals is essential, particularly if you've chosen to control a plant-eating herbivore.

    However, even with numbers on your side you should be wary about bringing a small dog to a lion fight, so pick your battles carefully or you could find your pack at the bottom of the food chain. Co-ordinate with your partner to make the most of your strengths and the environment around you, and be sure to save plenty of Pet Medicine to revive your friend if you get caught out.

    If you're feeling a bit more competitive and want to see who's the top dog of TOKYO JUNGLE, check out the leader boards via PlayStation Network to see who's built to last in this deadly wasteland. Hone your skills in the single player mode and become the king of the jungle.

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