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Brace yourself for the most extreme iMPACT! you're ever going to take...

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Midway
  • Developer: Midway Entertainment

    Total Nonstop Action is what TNA iMPACT! is all about and that's exactly what this wrestling game brings. Now you can step inside Spike TV's innovative six-sided ring of the TNA Wrestling league and prepare for all the acrobatic high flying slams and devastating takedowns performed by over 20 TNA stars such as Kurt Angle, Rhino, Booker T, Sting, Abyss, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe - complete with all their signature moves intact, including the Olympic Slam, the Gore, the Axe Kick, the Scorpion, Deathlock, the Styles Clash, and the Canadian Destroyer.

    TNA iMPACT! offers a range of regular match types to compliment the league's special set-ups, such as Full Metal Mayhem, King of the Mountain, Monster's Ball and the fearsome Ultimate X, where the wrestlers are forced to climb high above the ring in a daring attempt to capture the championship belt. If all that is not enough, you can also go head-to-head with friend or foe in the four player mode and see who's truly king of the ring.

    • Recreate all the excitement and high impact action of the popular TV show
    • Experience the highs and lows of fame in the story mode or tackle a large number of individual match types
    • Build the ultimate wrestler with custom appearance, ring entrance, moves and style to deliver the hard-hitting, adrenaline pumping action seen in TNA Wrestling
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    Ready To Rumble

    Get ready for the fight of your life with the knockout kings of the six-sided ring!


    The smash hit TV wrestling extravaganza TNA iMPACT! roars into the ring with this, its PlayStation 3 debut. Hailing from the Spike TV show, TNA iMPACT! features a huge roster of wrestlers from the fan favourite series including Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Sting and six-time World Heavyweight Champion "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, all coming equipped with an arsenal of moves and their own personal canvas-crunching finishers guaranteed to make your eyes water.

    Fight Club

    With emphasis placed more on the sheer speed of a fight and super fast strikes TNA iMPACT! aims to be a new kind of contender in the wrestling ring that players with fast fingers and lightning reflexes will feel right at home with. With nine varying types of matches to choose from there are a myriad of modes to get to grips with and hone your scuffling skills.

    In Standard Match mode it's just you versus your opponent in a bombastic race for victory by pinfall or submission. Want to set your sights higher? Then aim for the sky and tackle TNA's trademark Ultimate X challenge, with victory only achieved by climbing high above the confines of the wrestling ring and unlatching the dangling X from above it.

    Naturally, this isn't going to be a walk in the park; you'll have to contend with your opponent trying to yank you from the ropes, a raucous crowd, steel chairs and more. If you think you've got what it takes to be the Ultimate X champ then turn up the heat a little for the pulse pounding Ultimate X FFA (Free-For-All), where four wrestlers slug it out for success with the X. Coupled with a solid serving of exhibition matches is a career spanning story mode that sees you take on the role of Suicide, a feared and talented wrestler whose reign of glory is abruptly ended for refusing to throw a title match. Badly beaten by two wrestling villains and left for dead in the street Suicide soon awakens to find himself in strange surroundings and unable to remember even his own name.

    Career Comeback

    Fast forward some months later and Suicide is on the road to recovery, yet drawn back to the wrestling ring with a burning desire to climb, once again, to the top spot in TNA! iMPACT! Being that this is a fiery sport where the stakes are high and every man in the ring steps in there for a shot at the title, Suicide's going to meet plenty of resistance from a swathe of bulging ring kings determined to knock him out and keep him down for good.  

    In keeping with the conventions of a number of sports games out TNA features a dynamic and in-depth Create a Player mode that allows you to tailor your fighter to your own needs and wants. In it you can opt for a multitude of character options including headgear, face paint, body tone, flesh colour, fighting styles and body art.

    Once you've chosen your fighting style you are unable to alter it unlike the rest of the character modifying options so you will need to choose which style suits your playing skill best from the descriptions provided or simply by taking a few test runs. There are three to choose from at the outset such as the submission focused Grappler, aerial attack specialist High Flyer and the Brawler, which relies heavily on pummelling your opponent with a persistent barrage of fast and ferocious attacks.

    Training Ground

    Training in mastering the basics, submission moves, stuns and winning matches in the Ultimate X is delivered in simple to follow video guides narrated by wrestlers Black Machismo, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. These video tutorials teach you how to juggle a variety of attacking strikes effectively for skills points that can be used to unlock new moves and to fill the iMPACT meter next to your character's name as quickly as possible. Once this gauge is full, you can then unleash each fighter's trademark finisher moves such as Christian Cage's The Unprettier and Kurt Angle's starry eyed Angle Slam.

    Network play in each mode is present including the ability to take your own player-created character from TNA's career mode online. It's here that TNA iMPACT! switches into a different gear where players the world over step into the ring with a variety of playing skills and styles. Will you opt to take the tactical approach or the melee road to superstardom? As a pro wrestler in the world of TNA's Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, the choice is yours but be prepared to face some rock hard and ruthless competition both in the game and online. So come on if you think you are tough enough and get in the ring. DING! DING!

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