• Also on PS3

One of the most popular games ever arrives on PSP for the first time with 12 unique mini-games that let you experience all-new ways to play a true classic.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Also on PS3
Tetris Screenshot
  • Capture your best times and scores on each of the 15 difficulty levels
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  • Let the TETRIS revolution begin

Suitable for all audiences

Tetris Screenshot

Colourful mayhem

The falling blocks used within Tetris come in five shapes, each with a different colour to make them easily distinguishable when they start falling fast. There is a smaller panel to the right of the main board, which will tell you what the next four shapes are going to be, so you can plan in advance where to place everything on your board.

On the other side of the board is a timer, so you can try and beat the best time and top the leaderboard. The game will also keep a record of how many rows you have created, so you can try and break a record if you’re in Marathon Mode.

In Marathon Mode, there are 15 levels, which can prove a real challenge as the shapes will speed up with every level, so you must be prepared for some swift rotation and rearrangement as they come down fast.

The game’s soundtrack is upbeat with an electro feel, and is perfect for this arcade classic with a modern twist.

Tetris Screenshot

Brick by brick

Tetris is the additive retro classic that requires you to complete rows so that they disappear using a variety of falling shapes, making room for your next row. You can rotate your shapes before they hit the bottom of the board, and they will drop more quickly as the game progresses.

The game offers two traditional modes, where you can race the clock to complete 40 rows in Origin Mode, or play for as long as you can before the board is too full to carry on in Marathon Mode.

Along with these well known gameplay modes, there are a few new ones to try. Treadmill requires you to complete 40 rows while your board shifts sideways, while Flood gradually fills the board up with blocks from the bottom, making your task twice as hard to complete.

If you’re not quite ready for a certain shape when it arrives, you can always hold onto it and wait until you have room for it later.

Once you have completed a mode, more will be unlocked to keep you entertained for hours.

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