Grin and bear it…

If at first you don’t succeed… well, that could be to your advantage.


Super Rude Bear Resurrection

  • PS4
  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Platform
  • Publisher: Alex Rose Games
  • Developer: Alex Rose

    Seven themed worlds

    Split-second timing

    Game characters

    Seven themed worlds

    Split-second timing

    Up for a challenge? Jump into the death-defying world of Super Rude Bear Resurrection and pit your hair-trigger platforming skills against near-improbable odds.

    Use each failure to your advantage, stacking up your discarded corpses to use as makeshift platforms or shields as you overcome increasingly difficult obstacles. Brave seven unique worlds and complete eight thumb-shredding levels in each before tackling a brutal boss.

    Not enough of a challenge? Crank it up a notch with a super-tough reverse version of each level. Combine this with dedicated speed run challenges to prove beyond all doubt your platforming prowess. 

    • 1080p


    • Players

      1 Players

    • Vibration Function

      Vibration Function


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