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Star Trek Online

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Perfect World
  • Developer: Cryptic Studios

    Your ship, your crew, your destiny

    Boldly go…

    It’s your time to take the helm in the incredible Star Trek universe. Beam into the uniform of a high-ranking Starfleet officer and warp into missions across the depths of space and exotic planets. Begin your career as a Captain fresh out of Starfleet Academy and explore the stars, aspire to become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire, or tip the scales of power as a Romulan Commander.

    However you decide to roam the galaxy, you’ll have a variety of customisable ships to battle in, with iconic locations from the TV series and movies at your disposal. Lead teams in dangerous missions onto unknown worlds and leave your mark on over 125 episodes through multiple story arcs, in space and on the ground.

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    Hailing all captains…

    Choose your allegiance

    Starfleet engineering officer

    Engineers support their teams by fabricating turrets and drones, improving the performance of personal shields and bottlenecking the enemy’s advance with defensive minefields. Their advanced tech helps them withstand damage, and modifications to their weapons enhance their firepower.

    Humans are one of the dominant species in Starfleet, but they stand on equal footing with officers from all races. 


    Starfleet science officer

    Science officers use their knowledge to support their ship and crew, weakening or incapacitating enemies, creating energy fields that hinder or damage foes and treating the wounds of their fellow officers. A skilled science officer can turn the tide of a battle by holding the enemy in place or weakening their combat strength or resistance.

    Vulcans devotion to logic makes them ideal command officers who are always prepared to consider the needs of the many over the needs of the few.

    Romulan Republic science officer

    The greatest strength of a science officer is her versatility, even when behind enemy lines. Romulan Republic operatives are infiltrating the Tal Shiar to learn more about their secrets and how best to defeat them.

    Klingon Defence Force science officer

    The pheromones of female Orions make males of many species susceptible to suggestion, and they use that power to bend enemies to their will. While many Orions are smugglers and raiders who plunder unwary ships for the Orion Syndicate, others have chosen the path of honour and serve the Klingon Defence Force.

    Romulan Republic engineering officer

    Remans originated from the planet Remus, which was a sister world to Romulus. Remans were used as slaves and shock troops by the Romulans until the late 24th century, when a group of Remans led by the human clone Shinzon assassinated the Romulan senate and captured the government in a military coup. While Shinzon’s plan ultimately failed, the Remans’ taste for freedom could not be denied. Many Remans banded together in the Reman Resistance, a group that is now part of the Romulan Republic.



    Klingon Defence Force tactical officer

    Exemplary service and glory in battle is not the only way to advance in the Klingon Defence Force. If a warrior thinks his captain has acted dishonourably, he can challenge him to single combat. The victor takes command... and the loser dies in disgrace.

    Starfleet science officer

    Benzites are known for being meticulous, and are often sticklers for rules and regulations. They are sometimes seen wearing a breathing apparatus to help them breathe in standard oxygen/nitrogen atmospheres.

    Klingon Defence Force engineer

    A cold-blooded, reptilian species, Gorn are many times stronger than humans and have sharp claws on their hands and feet. They are territorial and stubborn, and have racial memories that go back hundreds of years.  The Gorn once ruled vast stretches of the Alpha Quadrant, but in 2404 the Gorn homeworld fell to a Klingon fleet. Now many Gorn serve at the side of their former enemies.

    Starfleet tactical officer

    Tactical officers use stealth and squad tactics, while having the most options to improve their damage in combat. In battle, tactical officers can draw enemy fire to help their team or beam down a security squad to take out a difficult foe. Andoria is one of the four founding worlds of the Federation. Since then, Andorians have been loyal members of Starfleet.


    Romulan Republic tactical officer

    After the destruction of the Romulan homeworld, a group of survivors banded together to fight the oppression of the Tal Shiar. Now the Romulan Republic has a new homeworld and new allies in both Starfleet and the Klingon Empire. Free from Empress Sela and the old ways of deception and secrecy, the Romulan Republic is creating a new way of life for the Romulan people. 


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