• PS4
  • Also on PS3
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: PSN Genre Code / Action / Platform
  • Publisher: Mossmouth, LLC
  • Developer: Mossmouth, LLC
  • Also on PS3

Adventure awaits

Game characters

Adventure awaits

Prepare to set out on a perilous journey packed with deadly traps and fiendish enemies in search of unimaginable riches and damsels in distress.

With randomly generated, fully destructible levels, you’ll have to blast your way through solid rock and climb ropes to reach the treasure you seek. Pick up and throw anything you can find to defeat your foes and make it to the exit in one piece – but hurry; linger too long and you’ll have the ghostly guardian on your tail.

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  • 1080p


  • Players

    1-4 Players

  • Network Play

    Network Play

  • Network Players

    2-4 Network Players


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