Skylanders Giants

  • PS3

Something big is coming as the next chapter in the Skylanders’ magical adventure comes to life on PS3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Toys For Bob
    Skylanders Giants Featured Image
    • Get your hands on supersized Giant Skylanders with superpowers to match, including LightCore Skylanders that light up when placed on the Portal of Power.
    • Use new "Wow Pow" upgrades and the increased level cap to improve your chances of success in battle.

    Note: In order to play this game, you will need to have a Skylander figurine (sold separately).

    Skylanders Giants screenshot

    Something big is coming

    The giants have come to town and the magical world of Skylands can barely contain them - although luckily your TV can. Skylanders Giants on PlayStation 3 is a massive adventure bursting with charm and appeal before you even open the box. If you go for the Starter Pack, you'll be greeted with the grinning figures of Jet-Vac, Cynder and the colossal Tree Rex.

    Each unique Skylander toy is colourfully painted with impressive detail and feels durable enough to tackle the amazing adventures. Simply place your chosen Skylander on the glowing Portal of Power and see it explode into life on your TV screen. And with the new Giants figures, which are twice the size of regular Skylanders, it's an impressive sight for newcomers and fans alike.

    In the vibrant Skylands, you'll see lush environments, incredible magic and lively characters, each with their own personality and catchphrases. And there's an added treat when you place a LightCore Skylander on the Portal of Power. Try it out...

    Skylanders Giants screenshot

    Bring your toys to life

    As a Portal Master it's your duty to join forces with the heroic Skylanders and defeat KAOS. Unleash their strength by placing your chosen Skylander on the Portal of Power and watch as the toy magically appears on your TV screen. Within seconds, your hero is ready for action and totally under your control.

    Whether you choose the speedy dragon Cynder, the daring Jet-Vac, the super-sized
    Tree Rex or any of the other Skylanders you've purchased separately, expect an action-packed adventure. Set off on a quest to save Skylands, travelling through strange and dark lands full of evil forces.

    Fortunately, each Skylander has incredible powers at their disposal to dispatch the toughest of enemies. From heavy-hitting physical attacks to impressive energy blasts, there are plenty of ways to smash through the imaginative levels. Don't forget to upgrade their abilities and purchase even more skills - and keep an eye out for special treasures which can boost your Skylander's abilities, such as the Flower Fairy Hat, which increases their speed.

    While you're collecting items or blowing away bad guys, there are plenty of other activities to get stuck into. Each level is full of little diversions to keep you on your toes. One moment you'll be breaking through cracked stone and defeating a colossal boss, next you'll be tossing bombs into breakable walls and opening secret areas using a specific Skylander. And with handy hints popping up on-screen whenever you need them, you'll never be at a loss as to what to do next.

    You can also leap into a variety of mini-games and Heroic Challenges, such as defeating giant spiders or freeing captives from an enemy prison. Fight well, brave Portal Master, for the rewards are great.

    Skylanders Giants screenshot

    Creature crew

    Don't tackle the fearsome KAOS alone - grab a pal and confront evil head-on in the local co-operative mode of Skylanders Giants on PlayStation 3. You both choose a hero from a selection of Skylanders and Giants, and charge into battle side by side on the same screen for a thrilling adventure. Be sure to experiment with your crew - the smaller, speedy Skylanders are perfect partners for the slower, more powerful Giants.

    With 48 Skylanders, including eight Giants available, there are plenty of options to mix up your exciting journey - although if you want to go toe-to-toe with your mates instead, the Battle Mode is just for you. Take part in the ultimate face-off against another player to see who's the ultimate Portal Master.

    Go all out for victory in games like Arena Rumble, where you have to defeat your opponent in a head-to-head battle. If you want to enjoy something a little different, then try SkyGoals where you have to score points in your rival's goal using an electric football. With its varied modes, entertaining maps and dazzling power-ups, you can expect big fun in Skylanders Giants no matter what you choose.

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      1-2 Players

    • Dolby 8

      Dolby 8

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