RIGS classes

Choose the right RIG for you and become a League legend.


  • Height: 3.4 Metres
  • Top Speed: 59 Mph
  • Max Melee: 3600 Damage
  • Jump: Basic

The Hunter class is a pocket rocket, clocking a higher top speed than all the other classes making them especially suited to hit and run and flanking tactics. Their high top speed also allows for more air when jumping from ramps.

Speed is not the Hunter’s only a strong point, due to his relatively small size he can use smaller gaps in the arena to his advantage making it easier for you to outmanoeuvre opponents or get to objectives much quicker.



  • Height: 5.5 Metres
  • Top Speed: 51 Mph
  • Max Melee: 3600 Damage
  • Jump: Double Jump

The Mirage class is a great all-rounder, with one really special advantage; Double Jump. This allows the Mirage to move quickly and precisely through an arenas vertical layers, giving it a massive advantage in navigating to key locations such as the Power Slam goal or to dominant positions to take on advancing opponents. Just be careful in taking on stronger classes head on.


  • Height: 2.5 Metres
  • Top Speed: 46 Mph
  • Max Melee: 3600 Damage
  • Jump: Vertical Take Off – Hold to boost up into air and hover 

Despite its slower ground speed and relatively low armour, the Tempest has the ability to be the stand out Rig in a well-co-ordinated team.

Equipped with two rotors, the Tempest has the ability to zoom up vertically and then hover and glide around the arena. This allows it to act as a scout, watching opponents’ movements from afar and then relaying the information to teammates. The vertical take-off can also get the tempest out of trouble if a larger opponent is closing in.



  • Height: 6 Metres
  • Top Speed: 49 Mph
  • Max Melee: 4000 Damage
  •  Jump: Slam – Charge to gain extra height. A fully charged jump will cause a slam effect on landing; damaging and disorientating opponents

The Sentinel is a heavyweight beast, best deployed to defend Goals and Endzones, but can also operate as the vanguard in a full team press against the opposition.

Equipped with heavy armour and upgraded melee, the Sentinel excels in close combat. By charging up its jump, the Sentinel can slam onto opponents from above, opening them up for follow up attack.