Riff: Everyday Shooter™

PlayStation Exclusives
  • Also on PS3

Explore a guitar riff-laden voyage that explodes, morphs and grows before your eyes.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Queasy Games
  • Also on PS3

It's already a classic on PlayStation 3, and now you can enjoy Riff: Everyday Shooter - a unique, instantly playable arcade experience - wherever you go on PSP.

If you're new to Riff: Everyday Shooter, this is unlike any arcade blaster you've seen or heard before...  Playing out like an ever-changing music album, every level is a different song and your actions trigger sound effects which play in melodic harmony with the background music, leading to a constantly evolving mix of emotive sounds and vivid, abstract visuals.

Your task is to shoot objects as they appear, move and grow on-screen, chaining together guitar riffs that harmonise with the soundtrack. Destroy everything you see, and avoid contact with enemies to build the biggest scores.

Intrigued? Then discover Riff: Everyday Shooter for yourself. Play, enjoy and let the experience wash over you. Begin your journey into a beautiful, musical masterpiece...

  • Blast your way through a harmonic combination between music, visuals and gameplay
  • Unlock bonuses such as visual effects by increasing your playtime and maximising points through combinations
  • Battle across eight different levels which musically shift and change each time based on your actions


Riff Everyday Shooter screenshot 9

Riff: Everyday Shooter strums its way on to PSP

Download the hit melody maker from PlayStation Store now.

A shooter with a wondrously colourful and musical twist, Riff: Everyday Shooter debuted on PS3 via PlayStation Network to much acclaim in 2008, and now PSP owners can join in on the fun offered up by this melody making, quirky blaster that will hook you in a mere matter of seconds with its brilliant blend of spellbinding tunes and truly unique presentation.

Presented as a multi-directional shooter, Riff puts you in control of a single tiny dot as you blast your way through a series of increasingly tough, musically led missions. As you progress further and further through each of the games levels, settings change and gameplay dynamics are quickly shuffled, encouraging you to pay much more attention to your surroundings if you want to achieve the game’s highest scores, chain the most hits, absorb the most points and progress to the next stage with ease.

Blast to the beat

As you destroy each of the different types of enemies, you generate differing types of guitar notes, adding new music to the existing stage song and effectively creating a unique soundtrack to that level as it plays out. Every single explosion that occurs on the screen works brilliantly in harmony with the rest of the music, helping to craft one of the most intriguing experiences on PSP to date.

Using a combination of the directional buttons, analogue stick and the action buttons, you have the ability to blast enemies in eight different directions, which makes for some chaotic, guitar riff addled explosions when you find yourself blasting enemies on all fronts during the game’s progressively tougher later stages.

When you play Everyday Shooter the first time your goal is to amass as many points as possible, which in turn can unlock a new game mode called Shuffle. In keeping with the music motif of Riff, this new mode works much like selecting Shuffle mode on you music player, only here it rearranges each of the game’s stages for you. This offers up great extended replay time, doubling the amount of hours you’ll spend trying to master this blissful blaster.

Mesmerised by melody

There are other additional extras including bonus features such as graphic filters and the ability to increase the number of lives you have, which can come in extremely useful towards those all important final stages as you battle for survival in a riff-filled world of mesmerising colours and shapes. 

With simple, yet beautifully executed structure and style, Riff: Everyday Shooter unfolds over eight stages on your PSP through infectious guitar riffs and kaleidoscopic colours offering up a PSP experience like no other. This melody maker will have you humming as you blast your way through enemies of all different shapes, sizes and shades.   

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