Puss in Boots®

  • PS3

Step into the soles of the Puss In Boots, star of the upcoming comedy adventure film from DreamWorks Animation.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Blitz Games
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    • Play as the legendary hero Puss in Boots, and master his sword as you duel with swashbuckling style and flair.
    • Use catlike skills to perform acrobatic moves, sneak past enemies and claw your way out of tense situations.
    • Experience the characters, story and locations from the film as you travel from Puss's home town, up the beanstalk and to the Giant's castle in the sky.
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    A feline fiesta

    Puss in Boots on PlayStation 3 is based on the film by DreamWorks Animation, and the furry protagonist is everything fans of the film could hope for - he's funny, charming and deadly. Throughout this hairy adventure, the quick-witted wildcat possesses acrobatic moves, lightning-fast sword skills and swashbuckling flair.

    Right from the start, you're drawn into the amusing story filled with characters from other fairy tales such as Jack and Jill - two evil outlaws who have stolen the magic beans - and Humpty Dumpty. Each plays a hilarious and unexpected part in the tale, completely different to their traditional roles.

    Cutscenes have been created as short cartoon sequences and are a joy to watch, accompanied by Puss' rugged voiceover - who doesn't love that signature Spanish accent? Each is available to watch again in the Cartoons section, whether you want to see Puss' first encounter with Kitty or learn how he came to meet Humpty Dumpty as a cute, orphaned kitten.

    Each area of the adventure is an enchanting, colourful land that's a delight to explore as everyone's favourite feline.

    Puss In Boots screenshot

    Fill your boots

    En Garde! Puss in Boots has arrived on PlayStation 3. The feisty feline has been on the hunt for some magic beans for years, and now you can help him get his paws on them.

    Armed with his sword, wit and super sharp claws, Puss must embark on an epic adventure across a huge canyon, up a giant beanstalk and through the streets of Santa Maria to find the magic beans that will lead him to valuable golden goose eggs.

    Playing as the cool cat himself, you must battle with many outlaws who will try and stop you on your quest. Engage in frantic sword fights and teach the bandits a lesson. As you attack them, your Boots Meter fills up and can unleash an almighty kick to get rid of an enemy. More varied attacks will fill up the Claw Frenzy Meter so you can pounce upon your foes and scratch them to shreds.

    When you're beating up a brute, try and shove them towards any sparkling items - these contain extra goodies that will help you. Kick one of them into a guitar and you'll be able to serenade the other outlaws before bashing them over the head with it.

    Don't forget that you can also play Puss in Boots with a PlayStation Move motion controller. Use it as your sword and swipe at enemies and objects around you - you'll be a super sword fighter in no time.

    You won't be alone on your journey, either, as Puss's childhood friend Humpty Alexander Dumpty and new partner Kitty Softpaws are on hand to help you out. There are tons of coins to collect, wanted posters to unlock and cartoons to watch as you run, jump and pounce your way through this enchanting adventure.

    Puss In Boots screenshot

    Something to get your claws into

    Puss in Boots may be a lone warrior, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the game with someone else. Grab a partner and go whisker-to-whisker in four fun-packed mini-games, each from a different setting in the story mode.

    You can challenge a friend to take turns at dodging huge casks and collecting coins in Barrel Barrage or master some cunning disguises in Shape it Up! - whoever earns the most points wins.

    Sharpen up your swordplay in Market Mayhem and Bandit Boot. The former will challenge you to take down as many outlaws as you can before the time is up - you'll earn big time bonuses for particularly brilliant blade-work. The latter mini-game is all about aim; you'll need to lure the enemy to exactly where you want him before hoofing him into a target with your famous footwear.

    Compete for the highest score in up to five rounds of two player mayhem - just don't get catty about it.

    • Dolby 5.1

      Dolby 5.1

    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • 720p



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