Dominate the battleground

Wield guns and magic alongside your allies as you take down enemy teams in this free-to-play shooter.



  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / First Person Shooter
  • Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Developer: Evil Mojo Games

    Game overview

    Become a legendary Champion

    Enter a vibrant fantasy world with over 35 million players to challenge in free-to-play team-based matches.

    Engage in magic-fuelled gun battles and choose from a diverse cast of Champions ranging from sharpshooting humans to mech-riding goblins, mystical elves and jetpack-clad dragons.

    Each Champion brings unique abilities to the battlefield that you can customise with Paladins’ loadout system. Mix and match cards to become an iron sights sniper, a grenade-slinging explosives expert or a track star with an assault rifle – all as the same Champion.

    Paladins can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective with controls that are easy to grasp for newcomers and shooter veterans alike.


    Key features

    Fantastic Champions

    Choose from over 40 Champions with four classes including front line, damage, flanking and support. Add a touch of style to your characters with hundreds of skins and brand-new cosmetic additions in each update.

    Build your deck

    Card loadouts are essential to enhance your Champion’s abilities – from increasing the effect of a skill to reducing cooldowns. Create a deck of five cards to tailor your character to match your playstyle.

    Gyroscope aiming

    Paladins is the first multiplayer game to support gyro aiming on PS4, allowing you to quickly fine-tune your aim by physically moving the controller for an immersive experience – and more precise shots.


    See it in action

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