Midnight Club L.A. Remix

Race at breakneck speeds through the streets of modern day L.A. in the ultimate racing experience for PSP.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Racing / Action
  • Publisher: Rockstar
  • Developer: Rockstar

    Drive the hottest real-world tuners, muscle and luxury cars, exotics and superbikes on the streets today. Customise your vehicle with the best after-market performance parts and custom kits.

    And exclusive to Midnight Club L.A. Remix, travel to Tokyo to test your skills against the best racers in the world.

    Street racing with no tracks and no rules: Welcome to the Midnight Club.

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    Speed racer

    Rule the streets of Los Angeles in the palm of your hand with Midnight Club L.A. Remix

    Midnight Club: LA Remix, is the fifth game in the Rockstar racing series following on from the blisteringly fast Midnight Club: DUB Edition, which, like LA Remix, also included Tokyo as a city to race and earn cash in.

    Taking all the best bits of the PlayStation 3 version and dropping them into the palm of your hand, LA Remix sees you starting out your career with just a little money in your back pocket and one car to choose from. From here, you need to prove yourself to the crews who rule the tarmac during the day (a first for the Midnight Club series) and night.

    Pimp my ride

    First things first, though. Before you do anything, you need to flex your racing muscle and beat a few lowly street racers to gain some much needed kudos that allows you to begin entering bigger, more rewarding races. Coming in first and winning the top prize opens up your garage, Hollywood Auto, which allows you to play around with copious amounts of tuning options.

    Races are dotted around various locations on the map which can be easily accessed by tapping the SELECT button and accessing your GPS, allowing you to set waypoints to head to. Each type of race is colour coded using three colours, green being the easiest and red being the most difficult.

    Red races require you to have a car with a little more kick under the bonnet before entering. The smart thing to do is to clock up as many wins as possible on the easier racing circuits, stockpile the rewards and then upgrade your car before throwing down the gauntlet against the city’s more skilled wheelmen. 

    During races you will tear past classic LA landmarks, though you won’t have too much time to stop and admire them because LA Remix is fast, real fast. You can however came back for a second look during the game’s Cruise mode, which allows you to explore the streets with a little more depth, eyeing up shortcuts and jumps that are worth remembering if you really want to get ahead of the competition.

    Street king

    To slide round those tough corners at breakneck speeds Rockstar has given you a slick super skill that allows you to slow down time as you skate round them, past the competition and into first place.

    You have other abilities under the hood of your car too. Once you’ve got enough money you can buy yourself some NOS (Nitrous Oxide), which allows you to power ahead of the competition on those long straights heading towards the finish line for a short period of time.

    If you have run out of NOS and find yourself tailing behind, you can slide into another racer’s slipstream, by aligning your car right behind theirs. Once you’ve done this a gauge will quickly fill up prompting you to tap the R button for a super fast burst of speed.

    Races are predominantly made up by hitting checkpoints and to keep things feeling fresh Rockstar has thrown in a number of curve balls. Some races feature checkpoints that can be crossed in any given order unlike the standard face-off.

    Others put you on the starting line and simply ask you to tear across Los Angeles or Tokyo to the finish line using any street, shortcut or jump you want. It’s those particular races that always turn out to be the most frenetic and sometimes the most fun you will have.

    Fast and furious

    Entering races is simple; find another driver on the street, flash your lights and you’re ready to compete. In some cases you are given the opportunity to race your opponent to the starting line. You won’t win any money for winning, but will gain kudos.

    Another new addition to the Midnight Club franchise is superbikes. There is an entire garage full of the two wheeled rockets to choose from in LA Remix, which makes for hours upon hours of fun tinkering with different vehicle setups.

    LA Remix also features multiplayer for up to four players via local wireless connection with a multitude of chaotic and addictive modes including Capture The Flag and Tag and Paint, where you slam into other players, trading paintwork for points. Each mode also allows you to use special weapons such as freezing opponents in blocks of ice or shutting their car down with an electromagnetic pulse.

    Buckle up, slam on the gas and get ready to go racing in Los Angeles and Tokyo at 256mph with one of the fastest racing games on PSP.

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