Medieval Moves

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Master the moves of battle...

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Zindagi Games
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    • Help Prince Deadmund win back his castle from the evil Morgrimm and his army of undead ransackers.
    • Master Deadmund’s sword, bow and arrow, throwing stars and grappling hook thanks to the precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller.
    • Solve ancient puzzles and carve a path through hordes of skeleton henchmen in the exciting single player quest.
    • Team up with a friend to double the destruction in online co-op battles via PlayStation Network.  

    Multiplayer and all online features for this product have been terminated and are no longer available.

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    Be careful what you wish for

    Once upon a time, a young prince named Edmund happily whiled away his days dreaming of grand adventures, the kind that involved donning gleaming suits of armour and doing battle with spine-chilling monsters. He trained hard in his father’s kingdom, hoping to become a champion his realm could call upon in its hour of need.

    Exclusively available on PlayStation 3, Medieval Moves is the tale of Prince Edmund’s wish being granted, although perhaps not in the way he hoped. When an evil sorcerer known as Morgrimm the Black descends upon Prince Edmund’s castle, its peaceful inhabitants are cursed and transformed into a vast undead army. What’s more, Prince Edmund himself has been turned into a skeleton. Edmund has become “Deadmund”.

    Bony he may be, yet while the young heir has been stripped of his normal human form, his determination and warrior’s instinct are stronger than ever. He embarks on a gallant quest to defeat Morgrimm and lift the sorcerer’s wicked spell, not to mention prove himself a worthy successor to the throne along the way.

    With your trusty PlayStation Move motion controller by your side, guide Prince Edmund on his perilous crusade and restore life to his kingdom in Medieval Moves, only on PS3.

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    Medieval eyeful

    Darkness may have fallen on Prince Edmund’s homeland, but you’ll still be treated to a uniquely colourful and action-packed experience. Medieval Moves on PS3 ushers you into a twilight world where lanterns cast their glow over ancient ramparts and courtyards teem with skeletal enemies and exciting possibilities.

    Play Medieval Moves in spectacular stereoscopic 3D and you’ll see its world leap out of the screen at you: brilliant white skeletons lunge at you, arrows and missiles appear to trace an arc to your own nose and the imposing castle takes on a whole new dimension.  

    Your daring deeds demand their very own showcase, and you can look back over the tale so far by viewing the in-game cutscenes in the Cinematics section of Medieval Moves, perfect for jogging your memory before the next chapter of your quest. These can also be watched in stereoscopic 3D to get a full sense of the challenges you have bravely faced.

    With three difficulty settings to choose from to suit budding Squires, accomplished Knights and mighty Champions, Medieval Moves is a storybook adventure to suit heroes of all ages and abilities.

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    Master the moves of battle

    Unsheathe your PlayStation Move motion controller and storm your own castle to restore harmony to the land in Medieval Moves on PS3. Your motion controller is a fearsome sword, a trusty bow and a clutch of deadly throwing stars, all rolled into one. 

    Charging through the castle and its dungeons, smashing onrushing enemies into piles of dusty bones as you go, you’ll notice that the undead attack you in various ways; each of these can be countered more easily by selecting the right tool for the job. Performing a specific action with the motion controller lets you quickly use a particular weapon.

    Slashing and thrusting your motion controller cuts foes to pieces with your sword. Reaching over your shoulder, to where your quiver of arrows would be, brings up your bow. And squeezing the T button then flicking your wrist lets you grasp a throwing star and skilfully hurl it.   

    Secret areas can also be accessed using your grappling hook, and make sure you look out for the special Loot Shoots, which allow you to stock up on valuable items, such as energy-boosting milk.  

    Prove you can handle the potential of PlayStation Move in the cauldron of battle. Play Medieval Moves on PS3.

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    Make your move

    After proving Prince Edmund’s prowess in the Story Mode of Medieval Moves, it’s time to test your own mettle against foes more fierce than even the undead: your friends.

    Team up with a mate or, better yet take them down, online via PlayStation Network or in your own home on a single PS3 system. All of your scores and statistics will push you higher up the global leader boards, so give yourself a head start by familiarising yourself with these modes:

    Invasion: Survive wave after wave of skeleton attacks for as long as possible, competing against a friend or doubling up with them.
    Royal Guard: Protect your royal amulet amid utter chaos, as the undead strike at you from all sides.
    Cauldron Chaos: Summon vast armies formed of the essence of freed enemies, then unleash them upon your opponent – and remember, they’ll be doing the same thing to you.

    Finally, the Leader Board Series challenges you to battle through a selection of these scenarios in the ultimate test of your courage in the face of Morgrimm’s minions.

    Free the people of your kingdom, then save your pride in Medieval Moves on PS3.

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