Kung Fu Rider

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  • PS3

Play as private detective Tobio or his assistant Karin and flee from the mob through the bustle of Tokyo.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCE Japan Studio
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    • A hilariously wacky Japanese action game that will have you and your friends in stitches.
    • Escape through different areas, each with multiple routes so your journey changes every time.
    • Challenge a friend in two player mode and see who can get to the van first.
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    Office antics

    Meet Tobin, Kung Fu Rider's hero, a small time private detective who has had a string of bad cases and even worse luck of late. Unfortunately for Tobin, trouble seems to find the poor guy at every turn. Wherever this hapless gumshoe winds up, the bad guys are right there waiting for him.

    Thankfully Tobin has a sidekick, Karin, and she's no stranger to trouble herself. Combined with Tobin's amazing office chair Kung Fu skills, Karin's got the brains and high kicks to get her out of even the stickiest of situations. In Kung Fu Rider, the duo have got themselves into a tight spot and with gangsters in bad suits hot on their heels, there is only one thing to do - grab an office chair and make a dash for it.

    Kung Fu Rider Gamescom 2010 screenshot

    Kung Fu chaos

    The first thing you need to do before delving into Kung Fu Rider's office chair antics is set up your PlayStation Eye camera and calibrate your PlayStation Move motion controller. Once you've done that, you're ready to speed through the streets dodging Mafia hitmen, speeding cars, pedestrians and just about any obstacle you can think of. There are 26 levels in total for you to master using a variety of speedy getaway vehicles including an office chair and even a pink rocking horse on wheels.

    As you play through each of the levels, the difficulty increases which means you'll face an array of tougher obstacles including barriers, cars and marauding Mafia men trying to knock you from your goofy getaway vehicle. Controlling either Tobin or Karin is done using your PlayStation Move motion controller and a series of simple gestures. To start moving at the outset of a level simply tilt the controller forward and hold on tight for the wild ride ahead.

    Once you're speeding along, you steer by turning the controller left and right, jump by flicking the controller up quickly, and duck - useful for avoiding being stunned by low slung barriers - by holding down the T button. You can also perform basic melee moves on enemies and obstacles by pressing the Move button, while more complicated attacks can be pulled off by holding down the Square or Triangle button and moving the motion controller in any direction. To master these specific special moves, it's a good idea to play through and fully get to grips with Kung Fu Rider's informative tutorial.

    Kung Fu Rider is all about getting through each of the levels intact and in the fastest time, and there are plenty of bonus items for you to collect too including cash strewn throughout the street. Keep an eye out for special zones; these fill up your boost gauge, which, when full, can be triggered by thrusting the PlayStation Move motion controller forwards, giving you an extra burst of speed that allows you to smash through tough barriers and groups of enemies.

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    Collect, jump and dodge!

    Kung Fu Rider features a unique multiplayer mode where you and a friend work together offline co-operatively. Take control of either Tobin or Karin while your partner is highlighted as a floating hand on-screen.

    Now this is where it all gets interesting - you or your friend can then pick up the money strewn throughout streets, collect the special zones to fuel the boost gauge, move objects out of the way and even pick them up to hurl at gangsters.

    It's a fast, fun and often hilarious team based mode that requires quick reflexes from both you and your teammate, so be sure to take turns to find out who is best at what so you can maximise your scores.

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