James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

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Travel to the planet Pandora and explore a world beyond your imagination on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Developer: Ubisoft
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  • Peer deep into the heart of Pandora and see James Cameron's universe, from your own perspective.
  • Fight for your cause; RDA or Na'vi; customise more than 60 RDA and Na'vi weapons; drive all of the vehicles and ride the creatures from the film.
  • Create and develop your character and acquire new skills as you progress through the game.
James Cameron's Avatar screenshot

Welcome to Pandora

In James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, you play as Abel Ryder, a signals specialist assigned to the distant moon of Pandora after being hand-picked for the Avatar Program, a science initiative launched by the RDA Corporation. Your goal on Pandora is to pilot your own Avatar, a hybrid of your DNA and that of Pandora's indigenous species, the Na'vi. As you traverse the lush environments of this strange and wondrous new planet, you will learn more about the creatures that inhabit it and their constant struggle to stop the RDA Corporation from destroying it in search of huge deposits of an extraordinarily valuable mineral called Unobtainium.

At a certain point in your journey - which takes place before the events of the 2009 blockbuster - you will have to decide where your true allegiance lies by choosing to fight for the RDA or with the Na'vi. In this epic battle, which side will you choose? Welcome to the world of Pandora; the war for control starts here.

The third dimension

Avatar is truly a spectacular sight to take in. The jungles of Pandora are alive with plants that sway in the wind, perk up as you walk by and attack if you attempt to harm them. At certain points in the game you will find yourself aimlessly wandering through it, just to see what kind of wonderful sights might be waiting around the corner for you.

Like the movie itself, vast amounts of work has gone into creating a living, breathing world on your PlayStation 3. One of the best ways to experience this world is - just like the movie - in 3D by using a special TV and glasses. Here, the world of Avatar truly does come alive as it pops off the screen in front of your very eyes with shrubs brushing past your face and dirt getting slung back from the wheels of the RDA's military vehicles as they roar through Pandora. It certainly makes for one of the most eye-popping experiences on PlayStation 3.

James Cameron's Avatar screenshot

RDA or Na’vi?

The planet Pandora is a hostile place. Fanged Viperwolves stalk the foliage, ready to pounce, and larger beasts that are much more difficult to put down can charge you at a moment's notice. Taking them down earns you experience points, which in turn are transformed into upgrades for your arsenal and equipment.

Playing as an RDA soldier in Avatar allows you to wield a chunky arsenal including machine guns, pistols, flame-throwers and grenade launchers. You will also get to pilot gunships and operate giant Mech suits that come kitted out with mounted machine guns, ideal for inflicting high levels of damage to some of the game's larger enemies. When choosing to play as the Na'vi, your weaponry is much more basic, but if used correctly, just as powerful. In your battle to defend Pandora, you will use everything from bows and arrows to staffs, swords, crossbows and explosive noxious gases.

The Na'vi are much more melee combat focused than the RDA forces, so you will have to get up close and personal in most battles to finish an enemy off swiftly. Both sides also come equipped with skill enhancements including invisibility, healing and speed, which can be triggered using a combination of the L and action buttons. Over the course of the game you unlock a vast amount of these skill enhancements and can swap them in and out according to your needs in battle.

James Cameron's Avatar screenshot

Battle for the planet

With such a huge amount of replay value in Avatar thanks to the ability to choose from either side at the outset of the game, the fun doesn't stop when you have completed the single player campaign as both the Na'vi and RDA. In multiplayer you can control either of the two in various matches such as King of The Hill where the goal is to control the Command Hill on the main island for as long as possible.

Other great modes include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Final Battle where you play as an RDA soldier in a desperate struggle to protect three missiles from destruction at the hands of other players controlling Na'vi characters. The final mode in Avatar's extensive multiplayer collection is Capture and Hold, where the goal is to control as many stations located throughout a certain area of the world map in order to make the opposing team lose points as fast as possible. Your story on the planet Pandora starts right here.

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