Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier™

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Two intrepid heroes - one gigantic mission.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: High Impact Games
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  • Navigate through new zones in the air and on land.
  • Get to grips with new Eco powers and go on the rampage with a sinister Dark Power.
  • Wreak destruction with the Gunstaff: a new weapon that also transforms into the Shockwave Concussor, Blaster, Vulcan Fury and Peace Maker.
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The search for Eco

With the Eco of their world in dangerously short supply, Jak, Daxter and Keira jump into the Hellcat and set off for the Brink - the very edge of the world - in search of a new source.

After defending the ACS Behemoth from sky pirates, they board and meet Duke Skyheed, who invites them to the grand city of Aeropa. There, they are offered the Eco Seeker - a device that could lead them to the precious Eco their world craves - as long as Jak passes a series of trials.

He succeeds, only for Captain Phoenix to attack, kidnapping Keira and the Eco Seeker. Jak and Daxter must take to the skies, rescue their friend and use the Eco Seeker to save their world.

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Old friends

Thanks to his skills as a pilot and a warrior, and his amazing Eco-channelling abilities, Jak has been chosen by the Precursors to protect the world. However, a recent increase in Dark Eco has made his powers unstable. Now, he and his friends must travel to the Brink in search of a fresh source.

Jak's best friend Daxter was transformed into an ottsel - half otter, half weasel - in Jak and Daxter: The Precursor's Legacy, only to discover in Jak 3 that he is in fact a Precursor - a group of ancient beings said to have created the world. During his adventure to Brink Island, he is exposed to Dark Eco and discovers his alter ego, Dark Daxter - a giant whirligig of destruction.

Keira is frustrated by her father's protectiveness and is driven by her skills as a mechanic to join Jak and Daxter on their journey to the Brink. When she is kidnapped by Captain Phoenix along with the Eco Seeker, it triggers an adventure that takes our trio to the very edge of their world.

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Running, gunning and flying

Fans of the Jak and Daxter series will feel immediately at home with this blend of platforming and shooting. For the most part, you control Jak through varied environments, tracking down objects and blasting any creatures that get in your way, using an arsenal of over the top weapons.

Due to the instability of the world's Eco, Jak can no longer use his dark or light forms; instead, he now has access to a range of Eco powers, such as the ability to emit an explosive orb or fly high into the air.

Occasionally, Daxter will get covered in Dark Eco and take on a more sinister form - Dark Daxter. This behemoth has spikes on his back and a tornado attack that can break through pretty much anything.

Another new addition to the series is the ability to take to the skies in one of five aircrafts. You can engage in dogfights, explore the beautiful environment and collect scrap metal to use later when upgrading your craft. You can even send Daxter out to enemy ships to sabotage their defences and steal supplies.

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