Football Manager™ Classic 2014

Crunch the stats, crush the opposition and guide your team to glory.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sports Interactive
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    • Master tactics, transfers and managing your team on those all-important match days.
    • Watch your master plan come together on the pitch with the 3D Match Engine, available for the first time on a handheld device.
    • Play the game at home on your PC, then transfer your game save to PlayStation Vita so you can carry on your career wherever you are.
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    “It’s just like watching Brazil…”

    Donning a sports tracksuit - or a snazzy match day suit - and taking to the pitch has never been more fun or impressive than with Football Manager Classic 14. Don't step over the colossal amount of stats that combine to create the thousands of players in the game's database - it's all very easy to understand, with colour coding highlighting the most important nuggets of information.

    Navigating each screen is a breeze, thanks to a combination of the touchscreen and dual analog sticks. From typing in a player's name to moving your squad around the tactics board, Football Manager Classic 2014 captures the slick feel of the PC original. Although it's the diverse and multi-angled 3D match engine which truly shines. Watching your big time Charlies dash around the pitch, getting stuck in, making daring runs and celebrating goals is the perfect reward for your tactical masterstrokes. Combined with the ability to check out assistant manager reports and individual player statistics, you have everything you need to make vital, match changing decisions.

    And it's these decisions which help create the stories that make Football Manager Classic 2014 so good. Do you send home your virus suffering star player and miss him for a big match, or risk the whole team getting ill by keeping him in? Dare you gamble your remaining budget on that big name striker who could either save your season or will he be the final nail in your managerial coffin?

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    Play home or away

    Let's face it, we all feel like we could be a successful football coach. And now the wonderful Football Manager Classic 2014 lets you experience the thrill of prowling the touchline and barking orders at your beloved team, no matter where you are. Packing almost the same amount of features as the Classic mode on the home computer version and the ability to continue your PC save games on PlayStation Vita (and vice versa), FMC 14 is comprehensive, fast and utterly addictive.

    Pick your favourite club from hundreds of teams and 51 nations from across the globe, and get tinkering with your squad. Depending on the team's former glories, your chairman's hopes may be anything from winning silverware to bravely struggling against relegation. Just don't always expect the boss' wallet to match his expectations...

    Fielding media questions, managing your superstars' egos and drilling tactics down to how each player should act with the ball are just a few of the tasks you have to juggle. And seeing your little athletes act out your game plan on the pitch is incredibly rewarding, with each match bringing the emotional rollercoaster of fist pumping joy one second and head clutching agony the next. Turning a team of lead footed cloggers into world beaters isn't going to be easy... but that's the difference between an average manager and a great one. Which will you be?

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    Football Manager™ Classic 2014

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