Welcome to Hope County, Montana

Lead the resistance to liberate the people from the grip of a fanatical doomsday cult.

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Trapped with a besieged community

When the Project at Eden’s Gate – a band of cult fanatics determined to save souls, willingly or not – accelerates its stronghold of Hope County, Montana, the trapped locals have two choices: accept salvation or give them hell.

Rise up alongside the townsfolks of Hope County and drive out both the marauding cultists and their charismatic leaders Joseph Seed and his three siblings, 'the Heralds'. Enlist the help of ordinary folk, take up arms along them and fight back against the oppressive cult’s takeover to restore their community and their freedom.

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Fully co-operative campaign

When you’re trying to take down an insidious cult that has gripped a small town in its violent clutches, it’s nice to have a friend along for the ride. That’s why the developers of Far Cry 5 have designed the entire campaign to support co-op play.

Whether you’re taking on missions to root out the Project at Eden’s Gate or just cruising the countryside in a pickup while your buddy flies a plane overhead, the vast open world of Montana is more than big enough for the both of you.

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Buy Far Cry 5 on PS4.

Buy Far Cry 5 on PS4.

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