F1 Career Challenge

If getting through the day without being sacked is your idea of a career challenge, then take a look at EA's latest opportunities in the world of F1...

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Simulation / Racing
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts

    It's pretty much a gridlock of choice for racing games these days, so EA had to come up with something intriguing at least, and pretty spectacular at best, to keep all you swivelchair-bound speed freaks happy. This time round, they've thrown in a big old helping of the usual pressies, including DIY helmet designs (we're holding out for the Boba Fett design), improved driver AI, and motion-capture-style pit-stops for nut-tightening fetishists everywhere. But the big plus in F1CC is that instead of pitting you against Formula 1's elite during one season, you're now able to start from the bottom up, and build your career, status and experience over four seasons. Imagine the real time possibilities!

    You start out as a run-of-the-mill, wet-behind-the-ears wannabe, and only by passing rigorous licence tests, competing for the chance to race for the best teams, and completing test days, can you rise through the ranks. After a good hard stint of team-hopping, competing and of course, racing, you'll make headway in your quest to become a hard-nosed F1 guru. This should take you approximately (looks at watch) between the seasons 1999 to 2002. And of course, what with you being in it for the long haul, the attention to detail is more than enough to keep you from wandering. EA has lovingly recreated cars, tracks, handling and drivers, to really immerse you into that driving experience.

    Aside from the being able to play F1's usual suspects, you're given the opportunity to create and develop your own character, so the option to sport those day-glo leathers becomes a distinct possibility. All that personalisation extends to tyre-tweaking, engine-calibrating action too, so you can create a truly unique experience for your racer.

    The world of Formula 1 never looked so hot, thanks to the bordering-on-obsessional levels of detail built in by those motoring-meisters at EA. Graphically, F1CC looks about as real as you can get, and all without getting soaked in the stands. If you're something of an F1 vet, Career Challenge will be a worthy addition to your virtual racing fold, but if you're a racing rookie, this really is the title to take for a spin.


    • Career mode spans four seasons, from 1999-2002, with accurate driver and team data for each

    • Stunning levels of authenticity, with car branding and detail absolutely spot-on

    • Improved handling, with more control than ever before over your vehicle


    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • Player Types

      1-2 Player Types


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