EyeToy®: Play Astro Zoo

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Over 60 animal-tastic games in one awesome Astro pack!!!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Party
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Zoë Mode

    A huge space comet made the Astro Zoo spin out of its orbit and sent the Jungle Pod, Polar Dome, Woodland Hub and Marine Bubble into a great big cosmic muddle!

    As the Space Zookeeper, it’s up to you to round up your animal friends and put everything right again – in time for tomorrow’s grand opening!

    Games include helping the animals find their spacesuits, going deep space sheep-shearing and herding the crocs back into their Astro tank!

    • Find a friend to help you out and use teamwork to get the job done
    • Carry out exciting animal rescues in 4 different arenas
    • Requires an EyeToy USB Camera (for PlayStation 2)


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    Space bound fun with EyeToy

    Don't take your Eye off these cosmic animals in the universe's one and only Astro Zoo.

    The revolutionary EyeToy® USB Camera has not only provided innovative software for all ages, but also offered a number of exciting environments to explore. From the athletic fields of EyeToy® Play: Sports to the stealthy shadows of SpyToy, the device has been a gateway to a realm of diverse entertainment. Now it's time to take you to the final frontier... with a fair few furry friends to look after.

    Animal antics

    EyeToy® Play: Astro Zoo puts you in the moon boots of a Space Zookeeper who's been given the task of rounding up the animals after a speeding comet has spun a state-of-the-art space zoo into disarray. With guidance from a helpful hologram named AMI (Artificial Maintenance Intelligence), your job is to restore order in time for the next day's grand opening. Not an easy task. Thankfully, it's an assignment that takes the form of over 60 animal-tastic games across four separate zones; Jungle Pod, Polar Dome, Woodland Hub and Marine Bubble.

    Each section has its own theme and types of animals, so naturally a place like the Polar Dome is packed with polar bears and other cold dwelling animals while a visit to the Woodland Hub will have you playing with the fluffy likes of squirrels and sheep. It's up to you to use your helping hands in a variety of games that will have you rubbing, flipping, juggling and more - and it's an absolute blast.

    Cosmic animal caretaking

    The large mixture of game types within Astro Zoo keeps things lively. One moment you'll be pumping your arms to chase hoverboard-flying crocodiles with the aim of herding them into water tanks in Catch the Croc, the next you'll be tickling musical jellyfish in the right order to mimic a conducting octopus in Jelly Jam. How about painting chameleons with different designated colours so they match their chosen background in Colour Chameleon? Or copying a polar bear's various stretches and moves for a workout in Polaerobic?

    Master these tasks without a single mistake and you open up each zone's final door for a new challenge where you have numerous tasks fired at you in quick succession, such as CLEAN where you have to rapidly wave your hands to wash an animal, SHAKE which involves wiggling a squirrel free from its snug space helmet, and even SHOUT where yelling at the EyeToy's built-in microphone forces an animal to move. It's fantastic fun and the frantic unpredictability keeps you firmly on your toes.

    Once all the tasks in the zone are finished with a perfect score, you're given an enjoyable reward which has no main objective beyond having a good time. Ever wanted to play in a band with a polar bear and penguin? Or pet a baby tiger? Here's your chance. It's a nice way to round off each section, and is a great incentive to perfect your scores each time.

    Magic Eye

    The colourful vibrancy of Astro Zoo's visuals and presentation make it extremely attractive and bound to capture the attention of any passing onlookers, which is helped by the energetic nature of its games - with flailing arms and legs it's just as entertaining to watch as it is to play. That isn't to say friends and family can't join in too, as there's a superb co-operative multiplayer mode to let a couple of you take a shot at helping the friendly cosmic critters.

    EyeToy® Play: Astro Zoo is a superb addition to an already great range of EyeToy® titles. Its broad appeal and cheeky friendliness will attract anyone looking to enter a new cosmos of truly interactive entertainment.

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