Bungie’s 8 essential Destiny tips

The team behind the biggest game of 2014 share advice to help you become legend.


Explore together

Fight as one

Even now, a few weeks on from its release, Destiny is still revealing new secrets to millions of players around the world. The development studio that created the game, Bungie, has revealed eight pointers that’ll help you explore more, play better and discover some of those secrets for yourself.

So whether you’re fresh to the fight to save planet Earth or a level 20-plus veteran, here’s the advice the makers of Destiny think you should scribble onto your exotic gauntlets for easy reference.


Patrols and pick-ups

Hone your skills

  1. Planning on test-driving a new combat class? Stash some of your spare loot in the Vault located in the Tower. It’ll then be shared between all of your characters.
  2. Running low on ammunition? Don’t forget to grab ammo packs from the Gunsmith in the Tower between missions. You don’t want that chamber to be empty when a Strike mission begins.
  3. Many high-level enemies will drop special consumables that can be used to increase the experience you earn against other enemy types. Activate them from your inventory when you run into them – but find cover first.
  4. Patrols are a great way to get a guided tour of Destiny. Choose the mode from the Director, then track down and access the flashing beacons to begin an adventure.
  5. The Director isn’t just a map. It will show you where your friends are and what they are playing so you can jump in with them. It’ll also let you know when there’s something new to do and whether there’s a reward to collect.
  6. Your Fireteam defaults to a “Friends Only” setting. Want to talk to strangers? Click the icon above your nameplate in the roster and choose “Public”.
  7. Experiment! Destiny offers a wealth of guns and combat abilities. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to find your perfect combination – and remember that some armour items have extra benefits, such as greater ammo capacity or aiming assistance. You can even switch mid-mission, or remotely with the Destiny Companion App for your smartphone.
  8. Power advantages are disabled in the Crucible, Destiny’s competitive multiplayer arena. Bring your favourite guns and gear and be prepared to have your reflexes put to the test.

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