Destiny of Spirits

Summon and collect magical Spirits to save the world from the evil forces of chaos.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Q Entertainment
    Destiny Of Spirits screenshot
    • Trade and borrow powerful new Spirits with your friends to build your collection of supernatural warriors.
    • Join forces with your friends to launch potent attacks on your foes.
    • Make in-game purchases to boost your collection of Spirits.
    • An Internet connection is required to play this game.

    Parental guidance recommended

      Destiny Of Spirits screenshot

      Destiny’s child

      In Destiny of Spirits, a magical dimension exists alongside our own. Most of the time this dimension remains separate, but when the negative energy on Earth builds up to dangerous levels, it begins to spill out and poison the neighbouring realm.

      That’s bad news, because this parallel dimension isn’t empty. In fact, it’s inhabited by a vast assortment of magical beings called Spirits. Usually these Spirits don’t cause too much trouble, but lately the emotional pollution spewing out of Earth has corrupted them, tempting many to cross over to the dark side. It’s up to you to bring them back to the light.

      Aided by an ever-evolving group of good Spirits, it’s your job to hunt down and vanquish the forces of chaos. Only by defeating evil Spirits in battle can you return them to the path of peace – and prevent them wreaking havoc in our dimension as well as their own.

      Destiny Of Spirits screenshot

      Simply spellbinding

      Destiny of Spirits turns your PS Vita system into a portal to another world, revealing the hidden wonders of the Spirit dimension that exists beside our own.

      Both sound and visuals impress from the outset, with a twinkling, spectral score and wildly imaginative cast of supernatural characters drawing you out of our world and into the realm of the Spirits. Many of the characters are based on monsters and mythological figures, and each is drawn with amazing attention to detail. Whether you’re summoning a fanged purple serpent to fight alongside you or confronting a whip-wielding fire god, the thrill of discovery is raised to dizzy heights by the game’s striking visual design.

      Another plus is that the game is enjoyably easy to get to grips with, unfolding its strategic depths at a perfect pace. A fantastically clear menu system is used to summon Spirits, assemble squads of fighters, upgrade abilities and contact fellow fans, while the PS Vita system’s touchscreen and location services are used in clever ways to speed up combat and bridge the gap between our world and the Spirit dimension. All of which means that it takes mere moments to learn the basics and start battling all manner of monsters.

      Destiny Of Spirits screenshot

      Phantom power

      A major strength of Destiny of Spirits is the way it integrates supernatural combat with compelling strategy, allowing you to spend your time focusing on whatever you want to do – whether that’s building a formidable force of Spirit warriors or taking them into battle against the armies of chaos.

      Thinking tactically is important: every Spirit is linked to a certain element that defines its strengths and weaknesses. Only by assembling a team with a good balance of elemental powers can you ensure you’re able to destroy the forces ranged against you. Every time you fight, you’ll also earn rewards in the form of Destiny Orbs and Spirit Points; these can then be used to upgrade the abilities of your warriors or to summon new Spirits to your aid.

      Another inspired stroke is the ability to hunt for Spirits by geographical location. Turn on the PS Vita system’s location services and roam around and you’ll start to discover signs of Spirits lurking beyond the fabric of our reality. The Spirits you find will depend on your location, so be sure to range around as much as possible. This ‘treasure hunt’ aspect adds a ton of anticipation and excitement to the experience – as well as a host of wild new warriors to your collection.

      Destiny Of Spirits screenshot

      Restless spirits

      The facility to link up with friends and fellow fans adds massively to the Destiny of Spirits experience.

      Once you’ve built a team of Spirits and sent them into battle a few times, you’ll start to encounter stronger, more savage enemies – enemies who require a little backup to defeat. Here’s where your fellow fans around the world come in handy, as you can borrow or rent Spirits from them, or even trade one of your warriors for someone else’s. This ‘market’ for Spirits adds an amazing extra element to the game and ensures that human allegiances are as important as Spirit ones.

      It’s also worth remembering the importance of geography – fans in other regions across the world will have access to very different Spirits, so it’s important to trade with them if you want to ensure your collection is as diverse in appearance and abilities as possible. Only by staying active and discovering an assortment of fearsome Spirits can you ensure that your team is powerful enough to overcome evil in all its forms.

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