Paint your world to life

Use the power of your imagination to transform the polluted streets of Denska into a colourful landscape of creativity. 


Concrete Genie

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Developer: Pixelopus

    Game overview

    Clean up your home town in this heart-warming adventure

    Pick up your magic paintbrush and start painting the abandoned town of Denska back to life as Ash, the imaginative teenager at the centre of this touching action-adventure, exclusive to PS4.

    Surrounded by pollution and pursued by bullies, only you can restore this once bright and bustling seaside town, by harnessing the power of Living Paint to cleanse its streets and alleyways.

    Create your very own street art on Denska’s polluted walls, and watch as the mischievous Genies you paint spring into life and come to your aid. Each Genie possesses magical elemental powers that not only help you overcome puzzles and see off your adversaries, but are also the key to changing Ash’s and Denska’s destiny…  


    Key features

    Unleash your imagination

    Discover the mysterious magic paintbrush that changes everything. Use the Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller’s motion sensor function to effortlessly paint colourful landscapes, and find the scattered pages of Ash’s favourite sketchbook to expand your design toolset.

    Create life through art

    Bring personalised Genies to life that will accompany you on your journey. As your personal connections with each Genie grows, they’ll work alongside you to solve puzzles that open up new areas across Denska, and unlock new abilities for Ash.

    Rescue Denska from darkness

    Clean up the polluted waterways and brighten up the gloomy streets of Ash’s hometown using the power of creativity. Splash colour and vibrancy into even the darkest corners of Denska with your gorgeous artwork. 


    Play Concrete Genie with PlayStation VR

    See your art come to life from a new perspective, via two special PlayStation VR modes included in the game. 

    VR Experience mode

    Go on a quest with a cute Genie called Splotch, as your painting helps unlock a mysterious power. Completing VR Experience Mode unlocks the VR Free Paint mode.

    VR Free Paint mode

    Practice your new skills and manipulate your paintbrush with two PlayStation Move Motion Controllers to create beautiful, living landscapes in four unique Denska locations. 


    Experience true immersion

    Place yourself at the centre of over 200 incredible games and unforgettable virtual-reality experiences.

    With PlayStation VR, you're ready to truly live the game.


    How Concrete Genie marries deep themes with magical gameplay

    Everything you need to know about how to navigate and revitalise the streets of Denska. 


    See Concrete Genie in action

    Screenshots and videos


    How the magic of Concrete Genie was created

    Go behind the scenes with developer Pixelopus to discover the inspiration behind this enchanting adventure.  


    Buy Concrete Genie

    Pre-order either edition of Concrete Genie and receive a Denska Dynamic Theme and Avatar Set, downloadable from PlayStation Store. 

    Concrete Genie - Standard Edition

    • The full game.

    Concrete Genie – Digital Deluxe Edition

    • The full game from PlayStation Store.
    • The Pond Design Pack add-on.
    • The Music of Concrete Genie digital soundtrack.
    • The Concrete Genie digital art book.
    • The Concrete Genie Lighthouse Dynamic Theme. 

    PlayStation 4 Pro

    Play in stunning 4K

    Enjoy every part of this magical action adventure in ultra high-definition. With full support for 4K displays, get the most-detailed, colour-rich experience with the super-charged PlayStation 4 Pro. 


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