Buzz!™: The Ultimate Music Quiz

  • Also on PS3

Put your musical knowledge to the test on PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Curve Studios
  • Also on PS3
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  • Challenge your friends and family to some musical buzzing action with thousands of questions.
  • Take on up to eight players and enjoy personalise commentary when Buzz calls you by name.
  • See Buzz with a new makeover as he puts your musical knowledge to the test.
  • Put your knowledge to the test and take on up to 63 other players in the interactive Buzz! Studio in PlayStation Home*.

*Please note that PlayStation Home is only available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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Thank you for the music

Are you ready for a poptastic Buzz! experience? Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz on PSP gives you a melodic workout which will make your brain cells sing sweet music in triumph... or wail the blues in despair. Your first question is simple - what sort of profile do you want? Choose from a selection of nicknames, themes, colours and a visual icon that best fits the way you want to look to give your quiz smashing antics a personal touch. Don't worry if you want to switch things up, as you can create up to three different profiles to store on your PSP system, as well as change any of their elements if you fancy a little remix.

Once your profile is shining with star quality, you can get down to a crateful of groovy game modes. Chart Attack has you assaulting the high score charts for pop supremacy in a number of entertaining rounds. Can you get less than three questions wrong from a series of 10 to survive Boom Box? How about testing your nerves of steel against the clock in a mixture of image, sound and text based questions for Time Challenge? If your wits are quick enough you can smash a few records on the Wall of Fame and rack up the points to become a music legend, praised by the host with the musical most, Buzz.

There are 15 different quiz challenges in both single and multiplayer modes, meaning you're never stuck for something to blast away the blues. If you've only got time for a short game, then never fear -you can two-step for two minutes in Quick Quiz.

If you want to switch decks from music based questions, a variety of other subjects such as sport and film can be downloaded for free via PlayStation Network by using the MyBuzz mode. These questions are created by the brainy Buzz! online community, so there's always a new test around the corner, along with downloadable quiz packs to purchase from PlayStation Store. Select your specialist subject and get your fingers at the ready...

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It takes two, baby… or maybe a few more

Have a supergroup of friends and family eager to show off their musical nous? Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz gives them the opportunity to step up to the stage. You can challenge up to five friends using one PSP system or enjoy a four player game using Ad Hoc Mode or Infrastructure Mode and make a play for the number one slot.

Whether you're passing the PSP system from player to player, each buzzing on your own PSP system or going online to prove you're the leader of the pack, there are plenty of questions and game types to offer a lyrical beat down. You can fight for the right to call yourself the king or queen of pop in rounds such as Double or Nothing where you have the chance to risk your well earned points, guess the artists from pictures in a set time for Who Dat?, and go head-to-head in Face Off. There's even the chance to show your star quality in Jump Around, where you have to perform requests such as slithering like a snake in front of your peers to earn points.

Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz is a musical treat for all ages. The portability of PSP is the perfect match for its quizzical fun, meaning you can always squeeze in a quick game at any time. And who can resist the chance to leave your friends and family scratching their heads? Turn it up and let the sweet music of victory play.

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