Burnout™ Dominator

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Dominate the racetrack

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Racing / Action
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: Criterion
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Burnout Dominator is an all-new installment of the legendary and multi-award winning Burnout series, loaded with intense racing action and dozens of retina-searing World Tour events.

Rage against the road and engage in every type of dangerous racing. Ignite and empty a full boost bar without crashing to perform a Burnout and reach mind-blowing speeds. Chain multiple burnouts to push the score multiplier and your nerves to the limit as you tear across the new world tour!

Battle traffic across tracks built to handle every style of racing. Uncover and exploit shortcuts, master drift corners and unflinchingly weave through the oncoming cars in a bid to become the ultimate burner.

Pushing the limits of the PS2 system, Burnout Dominator features some of the most explosive visuals seen on the platform, and engaging multiplayer modes that allow you to take on your friends and thrash their high scores and race times, as well as smashing them off the track into oblivion.

With a host of unlockable features and awards Burnout Dominator will keep you and your friends locked in the most intense vehicular combat you'll ever experience.

  • Master a new world tour: Battle across all-new tracks built for every style of racing. Drift around the traffic on open urban roads and race in the oncoming lane in claustrophobic city streets.
  • Unprecedented speed: Drive like a maniac to max out your boost. Drain it totally to perform a Burnout and get an instant boost recharge. Chain multiple burnouts to keep the adrenaline burning!
  • Signature Shortcuts: Watch out for the signature shortcuts on every track. Ram a rival through the barrier of a shortcut entrance to unlock it and shave those precious seconds off your race times.
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Burning down the highway

Get ready for more spectacular crashes as Burnout: Dominator explodes on PlayStation 2.

If you're unfamiliar with the Burnout series then where have you been? Mix one part fast and furious Ridge Racer-style racing action with an equal part Grand Theft Auto recklessness and disregard for public safety and you have Burnout. And it's exactly as much fun as it sounds.

Tour de force
Burnout Dominator is the fifth game in the smash-hit series, with a host of brand new tracks, cars and challenges, along with some old features making a welcome return. The single player mode revolves around the Burnout World Tour, a series of race events that see you set one of a series of objectives.

Road Rage tasks you with taking out as many of your opponents as possible, Eliminator is a race where the last placed car explodes after a set amount of time, and Near Miss, Drift and Maniac challenges all require you to drive as if you have a death wish to gain points and win medals. Of course there are also straight races, where the objective is simply to finish first. That doesn't mean you can't nudge the opposing cars into oncoming traffic or smash them into walls though.

The main aim of Burnout is to drive as recklessly as possible. Driving headlong into oncoming traffic, drifting round corners with scant regard for the laws of physics and guiding your stricken vehicle into the path of your opponents when you crash (and you WILL crash), all earn you boost, which you can use to dramatically increase your speed for a short period of time. Earn enough boost however, and your boost gauge switches from orange flames to blue flames, meaning you've earned a supercharge boost. If you boost for the entire duration of the bar you complete a Burnout and get a sweet points bonus.

Chain reaction
However, driving recklessly while using a supercharge boost will light up arrows on the boost meter, and when these are all full your boost meter will completely refill. This is known as a Burnout Chain, and you can string these together indefinitely until you crash (and you WILL crash) for massive bonus multipliers.

It wouldn't be Burnout without some crazy multiplayer action to take part in and Dominator is no different with Race, Road Rage, Maniac, and Eliminator events all available for two players in split-screen mode, and up to four players playing via a single controller in Party Play mode. Road Rage mode in particular lends itself incredibly well to multiplayer action as you and a friend trade paint and raise showers of sparks as you jockey for position and try and force each other off the track.

Special mention must be given to the visuals of the game. Burnout Dominator looks incredible, with amazing lighting effects, gorgeous exotic locations and a tangible sense of speed that makes hurtling into oncoming traffic at 200 miles an hour a beautiful and genuinely scary prospect. And of course, you can't clip the central reservation and spin off into a ravine in a hot ball of flaming wreckage without some decent musical accompaniment. Luckily Burnout Dominator has an explosive soundtrack that perfectly suits the game's frantic nature with great tracks from artists such as N.E.R.D, The Fratellis, Hot Hot Heat and Jane's Addiction.

Burnout: Dominator is a quality package through and through, from the gorgeous visuals to the top notch soundtrack and brilliant gameplay that creates a real sense of rivalry between you and your computer controlled opponents. Just don't try driving like this in real life.

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