Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

Capcom's legendary RPG series ventures onto PS2 for the first time, complete with luscious cel-shaded graphics and a host of innovations

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: DynaComware Corporation

    Hardcore roleplayers will no doubt already be familiar with Capcom's highly acclaimed Breath of Fire franchise, and the latest instalment looks set to take the series to dizzying new heights. BoF: Dragon Quarter boasts glorious cel-shaded graphics and numerous additions and improvements to the tried and tested BoF formula.

    Like Final Fantasy, each BoF game has nothing to do with the last, handy if you're new to the series. This time, the visually stylish action centres around Ryu, a blue haired lad with the ability to harness the power of his inner dragon (which sounds extremely handy; if my inner dragon happens to be reading this, please get in touch. I'd love to chat). Ryu is a ranger of Deep Earth, an underground domain built by the planet's inhabitants after an ecological disaster forced them below the surface. When Ryu's inner dragon awakens a terrifying force, he becomes determined to discover the secrets of life above ground, and sets off with two companions, Nina and Lin.

    Key new gameplay improvements include PETS (Positive Encounter & Tactics System), which adds whole new elements of strategy to the game. It allows you to see enemies in the distance and decide whether to fight or run away, and also gives you the option of setting up distractions or traps. There's also a new combo system, allowing you to build devastating attacks using a variety of weapon skills. Additionally, you can carry over experience points and items each time you start a new game, which gives BoF:DQ plenty of re-play value.

    A must for fans of the legendary RPG series, but also a highly enjoyable and unique gaming experience for newcomers.


    • Entirely new look for the popular RPG series, with fantastic comic book graphical style

    • New PETS (Positive Encounter & Tactics System) adds new dimensions of strategy and tactical play

    • New combo system - unleash devastating attacks on your enemies by combining different weapon skills


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