After Burner Climax

  • PS3

Take to the skies and experience blazing speeds in the world’s fastest fighter jets.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: SEGA Studios Japan
    After Burner Climax screenshot
    • Experience fast and frantic action in the cockpit of the world’s fastest fighter planes.
    • Dodge planes, rockets and bullets while trying to target multiple enemy aircraft.
    • Take to the air, unlock achievements, and complete over 20 stages.
    After Burner Climax screenshot

    Accept your mission

    You begin your mission in the middle of the ocean, where you are informed that Z are about to launch a deadly nuclear weapon, and it is your job to prevent them from doing so. After being wished good luck, you take to the skies to find the perpetrators of this looming nuclear disaster.

    Lurking close by are your enemies. Determined to follow through with their plan, they will try and bring your plane down, showing no mercy in their constant firing of guns and launching of missiles.

    The story is influenced by the decisions you make, and the paths you choose to take. At the end of levels, you are faced with a sudden choice of your next location, and are only given ten seconds to make the decision. It is these frantic, adrenaline-fuelled decisions that give the game a constant stream of excitement and adventure.

    After Burner Climax screenshot

    Take to the skies

    After Burner Climax launches you into the fast and furious world of fighter jets, each equipped with deadly missiles, ferocious guns and immense speed. Whether you choose to take off in a Strike Eagle, Super Hornet or Super Tomcat, you have the ability to tear up the skies like there is no tomorrow in a series of frantic mission-based challenges.

    After hearing of enemy plans, you have no choice but to shoot them down and prevent their evil plot from taking place. Set over various breathtaking landscapes, the game takes you on a journey that sees you soaring above the ocean, taking on foes in the glorious spring mountains and dodging molten lava as you battle above volcanic islands.

    Prepare to take on plenty of rival fighter jets, helicopters and enemy fire in some of the most picturesque settings around, and cause some almighty explosions at the same time. The stunning settings combined with constant gunfire and impressive exploding missiles make this game a real treat for the eyes.

    After Burner Climax screenshot

    No time wasted

    In true arcade fashion, the premise behind After Burner Climax is easy to follow; shoot down as many enemy planes as you can. Performing this task, however, is trickier than it might first seem as,  once in the air, you are faced with a constant stream of enemy fire from fleet after fleet of rival aircrafts.

    The key to success is quick reactions; locking on to enemy aircrafts, successfully shooting them down and avoiding their fire all at the same time makes for a frantic and rewarding gaming experience.

    Blow up plenty of aircrafts and you'll earn rewards that will make the rest of your mission that little bit easier. Similarly, if your Climax Gauge reaches capacity, you'll be able to enter Climax Mode. This will slow time down and increase your accuracy so you can lock onto more ships and cause bigger and better explosions. There are lots of bonuses to be unlocked, such as constant gunfire, allowing you more time to concentrate on locking on to planes and firing some deadly missiles.

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