101-in-1™ Megamix

Discover a monumental collection of games boasting a unique visual style and a wide range of unlockable prizes.

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Puzzle / Adventure / Action
  • Publisher: TBC
  • Developer: Ivolgamus
    101 In 1 Megamix screenshot
    • Huge gameplay variety with 101 addictive games for the whole family.
    • Wacky TV show hosts add style to the collection with a unique brand of humour.
    • Original games that can be enjoyed by all ages with multiplayer fun for two players.
    101 In 1 Megamix screenshot

    Challenging channels

    Set in a wacky world of fictional TV channels, 101-in-1 Megamix throws you into weird and wonderful adventures, puzzles and sporting challenges. As you enter each TV channel you'll find games tailored to its title. The Soaked Adventures channel includes water-themed titles such as Lazy Divers, Big Fish and Octo-Pop, while the Painful Sports channel includes Urban Sky Diving, Hamsterball and Punishable Penalty.

    There are eight channels in total, and you will need to unlock five of these by mastering the various games within other channels. As you work through the many quirky challenges, you'll come across all sorts of different missions, some inspired by classic games and some completely original.

    Each task will require a different approach, whether it be guiding your ship through the obstacle-filled tank in Shallow Waters, or trying to hit as many trucks as possible at top speed in Traffic Diving. Work through the challenges until you have mastered and unlocked all 101 of them!


    101 In 1 Megamix screenshot

    Tons of fun

    101-in-1 Megamix provides you with a whole host of fun and quirky games to pick up and play; 101 of them to be exact. The titles cover everything from challenging puzzles to frantic racing games, providing a wide range of genres to suit every taste.

    TV Guide mode allows you to explore challenges through eight different TV channels, each one focusing on a different theme. The Art Mania channel will put you through your artistic paces as you take photos of colourful birds in Flashy Photography or tactically paint the floor of a huge hall without getting trapped in Mop Art. Meanwhile, the Painful Sports channel will see you chased by a huge dinosaur in Monster Workout and helping a rather hungry bear find some apples with the aid of his trusty pogo stick in Pogo Parkour.

    As you progress through TV Guide mode and complete challenges, you will unlock more channels and games to complete. There are only three unlocked channels and 15 unlocked games when you first begin, and the more games you complete, the more you will unlock. Perfect your skills throughout loads of games and you could unlock all eight channels, including The Perfect Recipe, Nature Bites and Musical Hitz.

    101 In 1 Megamix screenshot

    Multiplayer mayhem

    If you fancy challenging a friend or family member to some of the quirky challenges in 101-in-1 Megamix, you can play the game with another player via your PSP system's Ad Hoc Mode. More than a dozen of the games support Ad Hoc Mode, so you can grab a partner and enjoy the mayhem together.

    There are two multiplayer modes in 101-in-1 Megamix to choose from; a standard multiplayer mode and a Marathon mode. The former allows you to challenge your partner to any of the games that support Ad Hoc Mode, one at a time. In Marathon mode, you are randomly assigned five games and will have to complete them all. The player who earns the most points after all five games is decalred the winner, and this could prove to be the ultimate challenge as you won't know which game is coming next...

    Grab a partner, wirelessly connect your PSP systems and prepare for hours of madness.

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