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Play the biggest games

Adventure lives on PlayStation 4

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Three of the most acclaimed games ever, together for the first time and rebuilt for the new generation.

The Force is strong with PlayStation

Intense clashes between Rebel and Imperial Forces. Dogfighting X-wings and TIE fighters. Immerse yourself in the Star Wars battles you always dreamed of, and get four classic Star Wars games when you buy the exclusive Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition PS4.

  • Map packs first

    Become a new breed of warrior and take control of an ever-evolving battle ground. How far will you go?

  • The ultimate experience

    Only on PS4 will you be able to launch a co-op strike against the Vex, challenge fellow Guardians within the Cosmodrome Wall and acquire the Jade Rabbit scout rifle.

  • Ten exclusive missions

    Take over the London underworld and enjoy the exclusive “The Dreadful Crimes” missions five months before anyone else.


Bring a friend into play

Share Play

Struggling on the road to Shambhala in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection? Then get a little help. Share Play lets you hand over control of your game to a PSN friend, even if they don’t own it. Just what you need when faced with an ancient conundrum you can’t seem to crack. You won’t find anything like it on any other console.


Special features

The best place to play just got better – we’ve crammed some exciting features into PS4.

  • Stay in the game

    The PlayStation App

    Purchase games wherever you are and have your PS4 download them at home, see what your friends are playing and use your mobile device as a second screen.

  • More ways to play...

    Remote Play on PC/Mac

    Your PlayStation®4 isn’t tied to your TV. Use Remote Play to stream PS4 gameplay direct to your PC or Mac - just plug in your DUALSHOCK®4 and play.

  • Broadcast your best bits

    Share in seconds

    Stream your live PS4 gameplay footage direct to YouTube and post video clips to Twitter with a tap of your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller’s SHARE button.

  • Your membership hub

    PlayStation Plus

    Access PS Plus from your PS4 for the latest news, discounts and your PS Plus games collection, and now get 10GB of online storage for your PS4 game saves.

  • Never miss out

    The events hub

    Create and schedule your own events, invite friends to take part and get and a heads-up whenever special in-game activities are taking place.

  • Strength in numbers

    Create communities

    Need to assemble a team to launch a big multiplayer raid? Search for communities that match your interests to connect with like-minded players and join parties or game sessions.


New accessories

Gold or silver editions

DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller

Play in style. Order a Gold Edition or Silver Edition DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller featuring a shimmering metallic finish.

Hear only what matters

In-ear Stereo Headset

Connect the new In-ear Stereo Headset to your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller or smartphone and block out unwanted noise thanks to AudioShield Technology.


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