2-Step verification

Help protect your account on PlayStation Network with an extra layer of security.

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Safety first

Keep your account as secure as possible

Signing in to PlayStation Network gives you control over all of the online services on your PlayStation console and via our websites – including PlayStation Store and topping up your wallet.

It’s important to keep your password as secure as possible so that your account doesn’t become compromised – for example, by clicking on malicious links, if you use the same password for multiple services, or if your password becomes known to someone else.

By activating 2-Step Verification, we’ll add a second layer of security to your account. 


How it works

When you enter your sign-in ID and password on a computer, a mobile device or tablet or on your PlayStation 4, we’ll send a unique verification code to your mobile phone that means only you can successfully sign in.

  • Enter your log in details

  • Receive a unique code to your mobile phone

  • Enter your code to complete sign in


Activate now

Register your mobile phone number now and add an extra security step to your account.