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E3 2017 PlayStation Media Showcase

God of War

From the mists of Norse mythology, Kratos and his son Atreus gave us a deeper look at the dark, elemental world of Gods and monsters they’ll inhabit when God of War comes to PS4.

Wielding the brutal Leviathan axe, we saw not only the devastating array of attacks Kratos himself can unleash, but the teamwork that father and son can use in battle – and the mystical power that Atreus  will use on their dangerous journey.


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

With the 23rd August release of this new Uncharted chapter fast approaching, the E3 show unveiled more details of Chloe Frazer’s adventure alongside Nadine Ross – and their quest to recover the legendary Golden Tusk of Ganesh.

As well as a first look at some of the new unmistakeably-Uncharted set pieces and puzzles, this trailer introduce a new foe, the ruthless warmonger Asay, and the lengths he will go to in order to get his hands on the treasure.


Detroit: Become Human

This latest glimpse of Quantic Dreams’ masterwork Detroit: Become Human introduced us to Markus, the third playable character that we’ll guide through the dark, gritty world where androids co-exist with humans.

In this latest trailer, the troubled times facing the city of Detroit in the near future explode into civil unrest as tensions between androids and humans come to a head in a full-blown riot – and showcase some of the narrative choices and gameplay mechanics that will guide Markus, Kara and Connor through their interweaving story.


Marvel's Spider-Man

At the PlayStation Media Showcase we unveiled our first Marvel's Spider-Man gameplay demo, and revealed that the game will arrive on PlayStation 4 consoles in 2018.

During the demo, you’ll see a sampling of Spider-Man’s more powerful improvisational and acrobatic combat style. He’s honed his skills and he’s stronger and more confident in combat. Dodging, using webs, and aerial combat are all second nature. And after spending eight years fighting crime in the city, Parker’s genius in the lab and workshop has led to the creation of many new gadgets and devices that he can use as Spider-Man during the course of the game.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Coming later this year, E3 gave us a first look at Aloy’s next adventure in The Frozen Wilds – the first major expansion to Horizon Zero Dawn.

Opening up the far North of the map inhabited by the hardy Banuk tribe, this additional chapter of Aloy’s story sees her equipped with new weapons and armour, an expanded skill tree – and new, ferocious machines to face. 


Days Gone

Already on the road to becoming a PlayStation icon, Deacon St. John took us on a journey through the post-pandemic world of the Pacific North-West and showed off more of who, how and why he’ll fight to survive in PS4 exclusive Days Gone.

This new E3 gameplay trailer showcases a law-abiding survivor camp and the relentless dangers that await him outside as he sets off on a mission to find a friend in peril – swarms of Freakers, infected wolves and Ragers… powerful infected bears that are almost impossible to kill.


GT Sport

If the prospect of Gran Turismo’s forthcoming PS4 debut wasn’t exciting enough, this all-new E3 trailer pushes the hype even further – by highlighting how GT Sport is all about real, competitive racing.

Blistering speed, incredible realism and an unrivalled array of vehicles have long been a staple of the Gran Turismo series – and now we can see how the jaw-dropping lighting and unmatched detail of the racetracks has been enhanced with the power of PS4 Pro.

Monster Hunter World

Another big surprise that draws on legendary PlayStation status was the unveiling of Monster Hunter World, coming to PS4 next year. This E3 reveal trailer showed off the weapons and settings that hunters will use to track down and slay ferocious beasts on a new continent – and how to use strategy and cunning to take down monsters alone, or in co-op battles.


Coming to PlayStation VR

Immersive storytelling, intense action and incredible adventures are heading your way.

Bravo Team

Supermassive Games gave us a blast of excitement with its first-person shooter that’s exclusive to PS VR. Thrusting you and a partner into hostile territory with no backup, use your DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, PS Move controller or the PS VR aim controller to make every shot count, and use head movements to lean around corners and take cover from enemy fire.

Bringing even more realism to Bravo Team is the ability to talk tactics with your online partner or use hand gestures in-game to coordinate with a computer-controlled teammate as you go on the attack. 

The Inpatient

Nightmarish psychological horror The Inpatient straps you within the terrifying confines of Blackwood Pines Sanatorium – set 60 years before the never-shredding events of PS4 smash hit Until Dawn.

It’s up to you to puzzle your way through this strange medical facility, making story changing choices to untangle a plot of intrigue, conspiracy and moral dilemmas where every move matters. 



All-new ways to play are coming to PS4 with the PlayLink series, putting new experiences in your hands with games controlled via your smartphone.

That’s You!

Hilarious, outrageous and a guaranteed good time, That’s You! tests just how well you know your friends and family. Take selfies and photos, answer questions, draw pictures of your friends and send them from your phone to the TV screen to score points – winning the game is all about what you know about who you know.

Hidden Agenda

Part film noire detective movie, part interactive game, this new title from Supermassive games casts you as the lead sleuth in the hunt for a killer. By solving puzzles, finding clues and guiding the narrative with your smartphone, you can work with up to six friends to uncover the truth – or face the deadly consequences. 

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