Age ratings on PlayStation

Age ratings on PlayStation

Learn more about the different age ratings for PlayStation games, Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD video.

What are age ratings?

Age ratings provide information about the contents of a game, so you know which ones are suitable for your child. Make sure to check the age rating before you let your child play. See how to check the age ratings for the following:

When you select the content on PlayStation™Store, the details screen contains the age rating.

The game packaging is labelled with the age rating.

Use parental controls to tailor your child's experience to their age and maturity. To help ensure their experience on PlayStation is fun:

  • Check the age ratings of games before you buy them. 

  • Set parental controls on the console before you let your child play. 

  • Set up a separate account for each child, use an accurate date of birth and activate parental controls. You will need to create your own account first. 

  • Monitor and engage with your child's play on PlayStation and online.

How are age ratings for games and movies decided?

Most PlayStation content is rated by an independent ratings body. This is because games and films may contain content like violence, nudity or graphic sexual images, which may only be suitable for people above a certain age.

Age ratings are categorised by the suitable age range for that specific content. Some age rating systems also display small pictures (called descriptors) or extra written advice. These show the types of content appearing in the product — for example, bad language or violence.

Many games and films are suitable for all ages, but you should always check the age rating and descriptors before buying PlayStation products from a retailer or PlayStation™Store.

Age ratings for games have nothing to do with the difficulty of the game.

Parental controls on PlayStation consoles

Always use parental controls to manage your child's experience on PlayStation. Do this before you allow them to play for the first time.

Your child can enjoy the PlayStation console without going online, but many products offer online features and some will not work without them. Advise your child how to stay safe online and talk to them about their experiences.

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