Ghost of Tsushima patch notes

The latest patches and updates for Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Patch 2.14

Patch 2.14 (2.014.000 on PS5) for Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut includes bug fixes and item adjustments for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Patch 2.14 contains the following changes:
  • Fixed a bug preventing Mists of Yagata from healing teammates correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Hunter’s Explosive Arrow or Staggering Arrow ability from triggering correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused a stunlock if a player was attacked while holding a Bomb Pack.
  • Added descriptions for weekly Nightmare modifiers.
  • Kenji's Shared Brew and Healing Gourds with Resolve gains can now be used even while at full health.
  • Fixed a bug preventing waypoints from appearing above the last remaining enemies in Legends Story missions.
  • Fixed a bug causing Intimidating Counter to not deal the correct amount of damage.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from un-muting themselves.
  • Increase stagger damage done by Wind Stance against spear enemies.

Patch 2.12

This patch primarily includes updates and balance changes for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. 
Patch 2.12 includes the following changes:
  • In Survival and Rivals modes, enemy spawn points will now be randomized and will change with each new match. 

    • However, Nightmare Survival will maintain a fixed spawn pattern for the entire week to create an even playing ground for the leaderboards. 

    • Nightmare Story now has a fixed spawn location for Gyozen’s Scroll and the Oni Chest each week.

  • Fixed a bug in Survival and Rivals where waves could occasionally stop spawning after all enemies were killed.

  • Fixed a bug in Survival and Rivals where enemies could occasionally stop attacking.

  • Added the ability to matchmake to fill empty slots to Nightmare Survival and Nightmare Story. 

    • For now, we're testing this feature and will monitor to make sure it doesn't upset game balance and may remove it in the future depending on your feedback.

  • Adjusted the Show Details screen in the Lobby to include both perks on equipped gear.

Class Balance changes:
  • Assassin

    • Increased the base assassination speed. Stealth attacks are now faster and quieter.

    • Removed Experienced Assassin technique

      • Replaced with a new technique, Deft Hands

      • Adjusted the unlock order of some Assassin techniques. 

    • Adjusted targeting of Shadow Strike technique.

    • Shadow Strike now scales slightly with Stealth Attack Damage

    • While Shadow Strike is active, the Assassin will be invisible to enemies. 

  • Hunter

    • Staggering Arrow

      • Reduced cooldown (From 55 seconds to 42 seconds)

    • Spirit Archer

      • Reduced cooldown (From 55 seconds to 42 seconds)

  • Samurai

    • Raging Flame

      • Increased cooldown (From 36 seconds to 50 seconds)

      • Reduced the amount of fire damage spread to nearby enemies when using Heavy Attacks

      • Reduced duration (From 20 seconds to 11 seconds)

    • Spirit Pull

      • Increased duration (From 11 seconds to 15 seconds)

    • Explosive Blade

      • Increased duration (From 11 seconds to 15 seconds)

      • Fixed a bug where Explosive Blade would not trigger explosions in some cases

  • Ronin

    • (NOTE: Despite the Item Adjustment below limiting Samurai and Assassin classes to a maximum of 6 concussion bombs, the Ronin will still maintain a maximum of 12 concussion bombs.)
Item adjustments:
  • Bottle of Liquid Courage

    • Decreased maximum resolve gain from 3 to 2 

  • Weightless Spirit

    • Drastically increased reload speed

    • Increased draw speed

    • Increased arrow velocity

    • Increased maximum Fire Arrow count

  • Bomb Pack and Forbidden Medicine

    • When equipped on Samurai and Assassin, reduced the total concussion bomb ammo count (From 12 bombs to 6 bombs)

  • The Mist of Yagata

    • Increased the healing effect

  • Magma Bomb

    • Fixed a bug affecting Magma Bomb duration when used alongside Smoke Bomb. 

    • No longer knocks down enemies caught in the blast

Additional bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug in Rivals where players could get through the starting gate before the match started 

  • Fixed an issue where players using the standalone version of Legends would encounter an error if they had Director’s Cut save data.