Call of Duty®: Warzone

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Game overview

Warzone is a free battle royale experience from Call of Duty.


Experience Warzone, the innovative and constantly evolving free-to-play battle royale game from Call of Duty. 

Welcome to 1984. Check out a variety of new areas of the Verdansk map in Warzone, including the Gora Summit, where you can explore a sprawling communications complex and fight across a gorge on gondolas. Or navigate the maze of plane warehouses, pipeworks, towers and an underground passage over at the Airplane Factory. You can even drop in on Verdansk’s tallest structure, the Kastovia Radar Array, with views of the entire map. 

Deploy to Rebirth Island: Featuring close-quarter combat, frenetic gameplay, and multiple game modes, Rebirth Island presents a different way to approach Warzone.

Join a growing global community and experience the new weapons, equipment, modes, and events - with more content added every month.

Key features

A new way to play battle royale

Grab a group of friends and drop into a massive firefight to be the last squad standing. Drop in, armour up, loot for rewards, and battle your way to the top.

Regular new content

New weapons, Operator Skins, accessories, equipment, game modes, events, rewards and challenges are added to Warzone in every Season.

Bring your loadout to battle

Warzone introduces the Loadout Drop; bring your favourite battle-hardened loadout into a battle royale match. Request one by collecting enough in-game cash... it just may pave your road to victory.

Escape the Gulag

The Gulag - the last-chance 1v1 face-off pit where winners are redeployed back into the fight - has been redesigned, drawing inspiration from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War™.

Season Three updates

Explore a fresh Verdansk battleground

Verdansk and the Cold War collide in the newest season of Warzone. It’s spring of 1984 - Verdansk has never looked so vibrant, so get your squad together and discover secrets in a lush new landscape in Season Three.

The countdown has ended...

The Battle Pass system for Season Three of Warzone blasts onto the scene. 

Season Three unleashes 100 Tiers of new content, starting with the ultimate saboteur Operator, Wraith. 

With plenty of ‘80s-inspired Operator Skins, new weapons such as the PPSh-41 SMG and Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle, as well as powerful Legendary Blueprints, you’ll be able to throw a wrench into any plan.

Season 3 map updates

New points of interest

Avoid opponents getting the drop on you with the latest intel from Verdansk.

Deep within the Factory

Below the Giant Maintenance Warehouse is a basement level that stretches across a large portion of the Factory. Don’t forget to scavenge this area for items and prepare for claustrophobic, close quarter combat situations.

Plenty of action at Summit

The individual buildings within Summit offer great close quarter combat opportunities, especially the familiar sights of the main Command and Control Center. However, snipers and long-range weaponry can rule the spaces between buildings. Just watch your step, lest you fall into the gorge below!

Riverside ambush

If you want to potentially get the jump on players at the Summit or other points northwest, skip them and land towards Riverside. With it being at a less extreme location on the map and having plenty of buildings for scavenging opportunities, your squad could set some ambushes for enemies sprinting towards a safe zone.

Call of Duty: Warzone survival tips and tricks

It's never too late to deploy to the Warzone - but if you want to avoid being canon-fodder for seasoned players, here are some tips and tricks to help you survive.

It's better to arrive late than dead

Drop out of the plane later in its journey across the map. You'll have fewer opponents to contend with and more chance to loot the ever-important armour plates and other items that suit your playstyle.

Keep searching for high quality items

Look out for less common items indicated with purple or orange highlights. These items will have more attachments that improve overall handling. Keep a special look out for orange supply boxes - these guarantee at least one legendary item.

Create your own loadouts

As you progress through the ranks, you'll start to unlock new weapons, attachments and perks to create your own custom loadouts with. Be careful when collecting a loadout once it drops though, as you may not be the only one in the area wanting to pick it up.

Pick your moments

It's easy to spot movement in the distance, so pick your route and timing carefully when moving between locations to avoid being spotted by rivals. 

Travel to new areas of the map quickly

Use one of the various vehicles marked on the map to help you relocate. Be aware that when driving you'll appear on opponent player's maps, alerting them to your position. If you're heading to a particular area or building, think about ditching your ride a small distance away so it's not obvious where you're headed.

Use Buy Stations

Don't be tempted to hoard the cash you find and earn during a match - if you get sent to the Gulag you lose all but a couple of hundred dollars. Self-revive kits are well worth the cash, as are UAV's to give you a peek at nearby enemies.

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