Hunt for riches with the best looter shooters on PS4 and PS5

Explore vibrant worlds, collect guns and gadgets and fine-tune your loadout with the best looter shooters.

Blockbuster looter shooters

Incredible adventures with friends

Hunt down the perfect pistol in these expansive, consistently-evolving shooters.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Squad up or go it alone in this open-world tactical shooter set in a dystopian American landscape. Conquer the mercenaries vying for control of Washington DC. Tough it out against crafty rogues in the PVP Dark Zone as you seek to perfect your loadout with valuable kit.

Destiny 2

Assemble your crew of Guardians and defend mankind from an encroaching evil in Bungie’s sprawling sci-fi shooter. Tackle meaty expansions and grow your power level as you raid the stars for unique weapons and armour to flesh out your carefully-crafted character build.


A space ninja simulator set in a stunning universe, this free-to-play looter-shooter juggernaut has only grown in size and popularity since its launch in 2013. Solo or with friends, define your biomechanical warrior’s combat style and experience an ever-expanding sci-fi story. 

Borderlands 3

Take on the role of a larger-than-life Vault Hunter and bring down a cult in the third entry of Gearbox’s pioneering looter-shooter series. Put an end to the Children of the Vault movement and take the fight to its vicious leaders, the dreaded Calypso Twins. Climb skill trees and personalize your aesthetic as you pilfer planets for over a billion quirky guns.

Indie looter shooters

Gear up for something different

Embrace inspired takes on the genre set in jaw-dropping worlds.

Risk of Rain 2

Repel waves of monsters and play the loot lottery as you endeavour to survive a challenging intergalactic gauntlet. Enjoy a unique run every time as you crash land on vibrant alien worlds, pick up game-changing modifiers and fulfil special criteria to unlock more playable survivors.

Deep Rock Galactic

Fight tooth-and-nail through rock and stone to procure precious minerals in perilous subterranean biomes. Build a dream team of dwarven miners by collecting resources and upgrading gadgets and weapons to complement your co-op squad’s abilities.


Loot and shoot to the beat in this frenetic rhythm-based dungeon crawler. Mobilize up to four harmonic guardians in online co-op and collect more than 500 pieces of unique equipment as you defend the Timbrelands of Symphonia from the Lord of Discord and his cronies.

The Ascent

Get lost in the vivid neon lights of Veles in The Ascent, a top-down action RPG set in a bustling cyberpunk world. The higher you climb, the bigger the target on your back, so scouring for loot and embracing loadout customization is key to your crew’s survival.

PS VR 2 looter shooters

Immerse yourself in a world of loot

Get closer to the action and grab everything you can find.

The Light Brigade

Partake in the deep physics-based gunplay of this magic-infused fantasy shooter. Strive for souls to develop your build in deadly labyrinthine environments as you loot resources and attachments, find and upgrade equipment and unlock new classes to topple tricky bosses.

No Man's Sky

Take off on an endless sci-fi odyssey and find your home among the stars. Fight, craft, upgrade and explore your way through limitless procedural planets brimming with diverse fauna and flora.

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder

Conquer caves, mines and ruins teeming with loot and secrets. Assemble your friends and defend your newfound riches from the eldritch horrors lurking beneath. Customise your prospector with garb and gear to give you an edge in this unforgiving, mysterious valley.

Melee-friendly looter shooters

Less shooting, more looting

Lay down your firearms and gather your materials.

Monster Hunter Rise

Whether you’re a brave bowman or a lavish lancer, join the hunt for ferocious beasts in this action RPG set in a world dominated by monsters. As a solo hunter or as part of a well-oiled team, learn enemy behaviours and flex your skills as you pursue monster materials to upgrade your gear and expand your toolkit.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Prevail over corrupted demons and fervent warriors with a varied arsenal of collectable weapons. In this sinister action-RPG, you’ll explore a key period from Chinese history which has been imbued with dark fantasy. Master martial arts and wizardry as you define your fighting style. Choose between armor sets and experience a gripping narrative from Team NINJA, the studio behind the Nioh series.

Wild Hearts

Study and overcome nature’s most fearsome beasts in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan. Team up and explore diverse regions teeming with life, leverage tactical gadgets and gather materials to adapt your character build and master this intrepid world.

Diablo II: Resurrected

Experience a brand new lens on Blizzard’s classic dungeon crawler, a seminal piece of looter history. Choose between seven customizable champions and repel malicious mobs as you explore a menacing world corrupted by demons in search of rare weapons and gear.

The future of loot

The new generation

Mark your calendars for great looter shooters coming to PlayStation consoles this year and next.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Step into the shoes of some of DC’s most iconic Super Villains and take on a legion of heroes gone bad. Collect loot and customize your chosen character to your liking, learning their skills and dynamic traversal abilities as you clean up the streets of Metropolis in your own villainous way.

ARC Raiders

Scavenge to survive as part of a squad of ruthless raiders in this free-to-play third-person shooter. As humanity’s last hope, creativity is your most compelling weapon as you use your surroundings and your fine-tuned loadout to repel the faceless onslaught of ARC.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland

Return to the post-apocalyptic world of The Division in this upcoming free-to-play survival shooter set in a fictional rural American community. Unravel the sinister secrets of Silver Lake as one of many experienced agents seeking to reclaim the forgotten heartland.