Join the PlayStation® community for a chance to win exclusive prizes by playing PS4™ or PS5™ games.

Registration is open from 11thMay  – 31stMay  2021

Take part for a chance to win prizes

We’re calling on the PlayStation community to come together and play as one to earn exclusive prizes.

Every time you play, you’ll contribute to the community goals. If the goals for each Stage are reached, you’ll get exclusive PSN avatars or PS4 themes to show that you took part. 

How to play

1. Sign up

Registration is free: sign up now with your account for PlayStation Network and you’ll start contributing to all future games and Trophy community goals as soon as the next goal Stage begins.

See the Official Rules for full details.

2. Play games

Every time you play a game or earn a Trophy in any PS4™ or PS5™ game, you’ll contribute to community goals. If the community hits (or exceeds) the target, everyone who signed up before that Stage started wins!

Play solo

Every game you play for at least one hour (spread across as many play sessions as you like) counts towards the games goal.

Play with friends

Each game you play online with someone from your PSN friends list (who has also registered) counts double towards the games goal.

Earn Trophies

Every Trophy earned in any game you play is added to then Trophies goal (up to six Trophies per day).

3. Win exclusive rewards

You’ll win exclusive PSN avatars or PS4 themes for every stage if the community goals are reached. On top of that, if you collectively smash through the targets, you’ll unlock bonus goals that award additional prizes to the community when reached.

Current community goal:

Stage one:

Stage one begins May 18th. Sign up before then so you’re ready to play when the stage starts.


2,400,000 goal

Stretch goal: 3,000,000


7,200,000 goal

Stretch goal: 8,800,000
Last updated: 10/05/2021

Stage one ends on 25thMay at 07:59am BST

Note: goals for each Stage are reset each week.


When the community goals are reached by the end of each Stage you’ll win:

Stage one

2.4 million games played
7.2 million Trophies earned

1x PSN avatar
1x PS4 dynamic theme

Bonus goal
3 million games played, 8.8 million Trophies earned

Bonus goal prize: 3x PSN avatars

Stage two

2.9 million games played
8.5 million Trophies earned

5x PSN avatars

Bonus goal
3.6 million games played, 10.4 million Trophies earned

Bonus goal prize: 3x PSN avatars

Stage three

3 million games played
9 million Trophies earned

1x PSN avatar
1x PS4 dynamic theme

Bonus goal
3.7 million games played, 11 million Trophies earned

Bonus goal prize: 3x PSN avatars

If all goals (excluding bonus goals) are reached, entrants who participated in each Stage will receive an additional PSN avatar and PS4 theme:

Keep your eyes on the goal tracker to see the community progress towards each goal. Rewards for reaching the community goals of each Stage will be delivered via PS4 and PS5 system notifications approximately 1-2 days after the Stage ends.

Sign up now

You are eligible to participate if you:

Are a legal resident of the participating countries/regions (see below)

  1. Are at least eighteen (18) years old and are the legal age of majority in your state/territory/province of residence at the time of entry
  2. Own or have access to a PlayStation®4 or PlayStation®5 at the time of entry
  3. Have a PlayStation Network (PSN) account
  4. Have an active high-speed internet connection and are logged in to the PSN during play

Participating countries/regions:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and the United States.

No, once you sign up you are automatically registered for all future Stages. You need to sign up before the beginning of a Stage to be awarded the prize for that Stage should the community goal be reached.

The goals tracker will be updated once a day (excluding weekends).

Prizes will be distributed 1-2 days via PS4 and PS5 system notification after each Stage ends (even if the goal is reached early):

Stage one ends on 25th May at 07:59AM BST

Stage two ends on 1st June at 07:59AM BST

Stage three ends on 8th June at 07:59AM BST

Please note that PS5 users will not be able to download the PS4 themes.

You are only eligible to receive prizes for Stages in which you registered before the Stage has started. For example, if you registered midway through Stage one, you are only eligible to receive prizes for Stage two and Stage three.

The full Days of Play Player Celebration rules can be found here.