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PlayStation 3 Netflix FAQ's

Will the PlayStation 3 system play online content in High Definition (HD)?

Yes. Some Netflix Watch Instantly content is available in HD (1080p) resolution if you have a fast enough internet connection. The quality of Netflix Watch Instantly content is largely dependent on the speed of your internet connection: the faster your connection, the higher the resolution will be. If you have specific questions about streaming Netflix online content or image quality relative to internet connectivity speed, please contact Netflix support on 0800 096 6379 or visit the Netflix contact page here.

How many different PlayStation 3 systems can I have associated with my Netflix account at any given time?

You are allowed to have up to six different devices activated on your Netflix account at any given point. These devices may include PlayStation 3 systems, computers, etc. Activation takes place automatically when you login to Netflix using a PlayStation 3 system.The option to deactivate a Netflix ready device is available here.

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