Updated 26 March 2018

PlayStation Video Chromecast support

Learn how to stream PlayStation Video content from a mobile device to a Chromecast receiver.

Casting from the PlayStation Video app to a TV is the latest way to enjoy PlayStation Video content in the living room or on the go. Using the new PlayStation Video app and a Chromecast receiver or Chromecast-enabled TV, you can stream video from your mobile device and even use your phone as a remote control. 

How do I cast from the PlayStation Video app?

To cast PlayStation Video content from your mobile device, open the PlayStation Video app and tap the Cast button located in the upper right of the screen. You can start casting from various parts of the PlayStation Video app:

  • Tap the Cast button from the home screen, select from the list of Chromecast devices and then select a video to start casting. 
  • Select a video on the app and tap the Cast button from the product detail page. Then select from the list of Chromecast devices to start casting. 
  • You can also start casting from your mobile device while a video is playing. Simply press the Cast button and select from the list of Chromecast devices to start casting.

How do I control a video cast from my phone?

Once you have started casting a video from the PlayStation Video app, the mobile device will show a remote player which can fast forward, pause or control the volume of the video.

Where can I find troubleshooting for this feature?

For further information about Chromecast features, technical specs or troubleshooting, please visit the Chromecast support site